Mar 20, 2010

My First Drop of Sweat

When I was little I used to admire the sweat streaming from adult's foreheads and near their ears. It felt so mature, busy, serious, or whatever else adult's were upto all the time. I don't remember getting sweat at all - may be a few teeny-tiny droplets above my lips - that's all...

It became my fondest wish to get sweat streams on my forehead too. I would occassionaly keep a drop or two of drinking water on the crown of my head or near the ear to try mimicking it - it never dripped the way I wanted it - it was not the genuine kind.

One unforgettable evening I was in my tuition class after school and  busily working on my homework.  When I least expected it, I felt something near my ear and before I realized what it was, I saw a sweat drop dripping on my notebook! - A real drop of sweat!! 

My-my, I was elated! This was the real thing! I had desired for it for so long and finally I got it!! My joy knew no bounds at that moment and I slowly lifted up my head. Very carefully I tapped a nearby friend and showed it to her pointing with my finger while saying "See, I am sweating too.."

The next moment to my utter dismay, before I could stop her, she took her hand kerchief and wiped it off! I am sure she had good intentions - she might have wanted to be nice or she thought she was helping me, she defintely had no idea what she really did to me... It was my dream, my fancy, she absolutely had no clue!

My joy suddenly drained, turned to so much anger, I admit I even hit her with my notebook. I started crying in LOUD voice. When the teacher asked me what I was crying for, I explained the whole incident between sobs. She just burst out  laughing  leaving me perplexed.

That first drop of sweat was so precious to me... I was still crying & unconsolable for a very time!

Image Credit: International Hyperhidrosis Society.


A said...

Nice. It is amazing to know how people think diffrently. It is hard to capture these thoughts and you do a great job.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you A! I appreciate you taking the efforts to write the comments. It truly encourages me

Thank you,
~ NRIGirl

raji said...

sorry nri gal ..but this really was very hilarious!what vivid thoughts we have ..i can imagine of the humiliation gals experience with their sweeat when they wear sarees;and i can imagine you !who was waiting for tht drop of sweat.

NRIGirl said...

Laughing along with you @Raji - the childhood mind is truly one of its kind. What we desire as children we loathe as adults and vice versa... This is one such thing.

Another is being a teacher. I always wanted to become a teacher - only when I passed out of Masters I thought otherwise. Now seeing my kids' teachers I am truly amazed at their skills and know for sure I do not have that kind of patience.


Paul said...

Akka Nice one!
I recommend Macha to read it!

Regarding sweat the other incident I remember (You can also recollect):

If I am right that was when you were doing MCA.
We all had paid a visit to Kudankulam convention I suppose. After the meeting got over and after the dinner was finished our Kudankulam Pattiyamma (Grandma) had found you sitting with other a few believers and cleaning the plates and tumblers with simple joy.
The sweat drops she noticed might be the first ones she ever noticed from her beloved grandchild.
There after she always announces this witness (With proud and regrets).

The first sweat drops of us are precious not only to our sight but also to our grand people's sight. (Bible also says “Lord you remembers my toil”)


NRIGirl said...

YEs, now I remember that Delightson. I can imagine how it would have been. Pautima would have been like Amma and I would have been like Sharon... and Pautima would have been so proud of me whatever I worked on!

Thank you for the recollection of memory Delightson and thank you very much for the verse.

Did you have some Coffee with Jesus today? God bless.

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