Mar 25, 2010

Snowglobe moments

Looking back in life, here are the snow globe moments I can recall:
* When it was announced we got a brand new baby brother 21st Feb 1982
* Cookouts with friends during school vacation
* Screaming, "We scream for Ice cream" in school excursion
* Shopping in Tirunelveli Junction with my best friend Nimmie
* Trekking during college days in Bangalore
* Dancing in the rain days

* Surprise unannounced visit from my husband before our wedding 12th Dec 1998
* The wedding, of course!
* Arriving in Boston airport for the first time. It was snowing that night! 23rd Jan 1999
* Visiting Lady Liberty for the first time
Birth announcements of our kids!
* Each and every achivements children accomplished over the years such as their first rollovers, sitdowns, standups, walks, cutting of the tooth, first hair cuts, first words, bike riding, etc.
* Visiting Niagara Falls for the first time
* First red rose & jasmins blooming in our garden
* Fishing, boating & beach days
* Surprise arrival of Green Card in the mail.
* Surprise Birthday gift from my husband
* Oath taking for US Citizenship

... more to follow I am sure!


A said...

I call these Happy Moments.

NRIGirl said...

I agree.

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