Mar 25, 2010

Pleasurable Treasures

Are you a collector? I mean do you collect something? anything? Then you will be able to relate to me well. I have been a collector since little - candy wrappers, peacock feathers, greeting cards, stamps, stickers, rocks, seashells the list goes on....

A wonderful childhood memory of Snowy is when we bought him - a pomeranian puppy - for one hundred five rupee coins I had collected. It's a joy to collect something - anything. It kind of makes life more interesting. It is a beautiful way to express yourself with things that keep memories afresh.

Collecting is fun, it defines yourself, it adds a punch to ordinary days, it can make a room or office more personalized, it keeps you alert to look for treasures in day to day activities - over a busy day when you get some change in the cafeteria, you find a new state quarter, it makes your day!

We as a family collect the box top education coupons clipping it from cereal boxes, juice boxes etc for children's school. I now collect Presidents & State quarters, one dollar coins & globes. These are little treasures that bring us pleasure...What's yours?!


A said...

I personally don't really collect anything besides list of wonderful and awesome blogger like you.

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