Mar 5, 2012

Untamed mane!

I like it when the wind messes up the hair; mine as well as others. There is something special about the fly away hair. It knows no pretense, no holding back; just the letting go and yielding to the unfathomable wind!

Fly away hair is the result of a relaxing day.  Imagine strolling down the boardwalk or playing ball at the beach, who cares for the shape of their hair at those moments. It runs wild with the wind, gets wet in the sea, catches some sand as we roll, but who cares!

Remembering the journeys of the past, you will recall how the hair too enjoyed the ride, tossing and turning and flipping and knotting, all the while messing up our hair dos if any. But did we care? Only the least!

School excursions and home picnics when we showered directly in the falling waters, did we worry to fix the hair? Not at all. Letting it dry in the breeze we enjoyed our lunch by the shade; did we not?

Further down the memory lane, as little girls in white petticoats, with head full of mane cured with oil, playing house with our best friends, the house maid yelling at us to tie up the hair lest it catches fire at the play; don't you recall?

The summer afternoons when we biked around the town in rented bicycles our fly away hair ended up in a sticky mess of sweat and dirt which made our grandma concerned for raising us up like wild donkeys.

And my single attempt on the horse by the beach was the only time when the fly away hair didn't turn out as much fun as fear overtook the cheer when the horse stood up on its hind legs and I slid down to the ground crying and screaming and refusing to go back on top of it again! Ever!

The best way to enjoy the fly away hair is of course to swim with it and watch it follow you in smooth silky waves. The other alternative to that is to sleep in the fan breeze with your towel dried untamed mane!

For those who have never tried any of these, what are you waiting for? Let it fly!


dr.antony said...

As I always say,the fondest memories are the earliest ones!

anilkurup said...

Now purely with discriminating eyes , a beautiful flowing hair enhances the beauty in/of a woman.
But at the same time , it is a nuisance for the ill fated traveller who happens to sit behind the lass with flowing hair in a bus .

NRIGirl said...

Welcome @Doc! Nice to see you back!

Good point Anil, the annoying tickles from someone else's fly away hair...

eye in the sky said...

Fly away hair - the windswept hair - signifies freedom, laidback demeanor, something that doesn't necessarily go with everyday life. That's why, personally, I like the "idea" of it especially when I am on the road travelling. Otherwise, at home, hair has to be immaculately combed, as it's expected at the work place. :)

....Petty Witter said...

Ouch! It may look lovely but how I hated my hair when it got windswept as it took an age to brush out all the tangles - not so bad now my hair is shorter but I still prefer it smooth.

Anonymous said...

nah, I prefer my hair combed and neat.

Bikramjit said...

I always wanted to keep my hair open but you know how it is parents did not like it always had to have them in a turban .. But now I have them cut and they wont grow :(

I use to have hair as long as my kneees


kavita said...

I am completely with you on this H.

R. Ramesh said...

hah different and pleasant post..cheers

Vivek said...

yeah memories are the most precious treasures to whom we look back. .and sometime penned them down. ..
i also like winds doing it bit when i dont have my haircut for a quite long time. .i used to get a new designs. .:)

Happy Holi Enjoy :)

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