Mar 28, 2012

Missed Connections

Knowing my interest in people watching it shouldn't surprise you why I looked up Sophie Blackall as soon as I got off the Subway this evening. Turns out she was one of two artists selected for Subway themed illustrations for the year 2012!

I have always felt that mere words are not adequate to thoroughly explain the New york City Subway experience to someone who has never been on one. Well, Sophie has done an amazing job illustrating what she sees around and I can't resist sharing it with my readers and fellow bloggers with whom I have shared a lot of my Subway experiences - in words that is.

To begin with you'll notice the seating arrangement inside the new Subway cars that gives you plenty of leg room and ample bars at varying heights for the straphangers.

Next you'll notice the diverse mix of people riding the trains each of them unique in their own way, each having a story to tell. There are kids, elderly, musicians, artists, you name it. Each minding their own business reading or drawing or chatting or anything but avoiding eye contacts. On the occasional moments the eyes meet there is no smile or nod or any other recognition of it. We look away as quickly as we "met".

Then you'll notice the ample windows that give you something else to stare about at each station.

Sophie has done a tremendous job capturing the scene as it unrolls in front of her eyes. I understand she has also authored a book based on her Subway encounters, called Missed Connections. I am sure to find one for my reading. Apparently most characters in this piece of art is drawn from the book. So I just can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Before I wrap up, here's an etsy video I came across on the making of the art in Sophie's own words. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S: You may also visit her blog to find the portions of the picture upclose.

Until next time,
~ NRIGirl


anilkurup said...

Not often some while on a travel respond to the fellow traveler. And some creates great friendship too.

eye in the sky said...

I like people watching when you're not in a hurry. You get to discern character of people that you eventually get to interact with... sooner or later. :)

gigihawaii said...

Reminds me of the 5-1/2 years I spent in NYC, riding the subway twice a day. You are right: no one likes to make eye contact.

deeps said...

actually i had written something in the same line sometime back.

and how good it is if we all had time to spare to look around ...

....Petty Witter said...

Each minding their own business reading or drawing or chatting or anything but avoiding eye contacts ...... sounds like the London Underground. That said it also sounds like its a lot cleaner and as if someone has put some thought into it.

Tomz said...

nice to know about sophie..thnks for sharing

Bikramjit said...

reminded me of the journey i had from uk to delhi and it got delayed by 12 hours and we ended up going via etihad , made some beautiful friends on way ..


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