Mar 23, 2012

A Note


NRIGirl said...

The first person who wants it will recieve it by mail... If you care.

Email me at nrigirl at hotmail dot com

KParthasarathi said...

Actually it is a nice handwriting freeflowing and uniform except at the end when you tried to put more than what the space can permit.
I am glad that NY presents a very good weather and pleasant ambience.Enjoy

kavita said...

A beautiful way to start my day with a dear friend's note.What a pretty card.Your hand writing is lovely Hepzibah.
Glad to know that things are great at your end. Weather here is beautiful .Kids just completed their exams and are now enjoying a months break.Till the school reopens I have decided not to work on evenings.
Got to move for work now .Keep writing :):)
Hugs and love :):)

Punam said...

That's such a sweet gesture!
And thanks Hephzibah for such a beautiful note - remembering your blogger friends and writing to them in this beautiful way.

Rachna said...

This is beautiful, actually seeing your handwriting.

anilkurup said...

You surely must have a had a more beautiful handwriting. Too much of key board exercise can dent the hand writing.
But that was a good work indeed. And a good refreshing day to begin .How one misses the writings by ones hand!

The madrasi said...

Just stumbled upon yor blog..
loved this different blogpost in a beautiful handwriting..gone are the days we actually recieved hard leeters thanks to the sms's and mails!

Mary selvan said...

Just read your sweet note to friends. Very interesting. Keep writing, you have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. I just loved it. Convey my regards to your family.

Anonymous said...

Your handwriting is much better than mine. I hate to write in cursive because of the cramp in my hand. Therefore, I always convey thanks by email. Save a tree! Thanks.

Bikramjit said...

:) nice one..
i remember when we had that letter writing ..

would be good to have another go at it for sure :)


....Petty Witter said...

Such a lovely personal touch, what a lovely idea to write a note like this.

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