Nov 8, 2011

Rest of the journey

And so the journey continued... I was sleeping rest of the way. Actually may be I was drowsy as I remember being very hungry at one time. Every now and then when I opened my eyes there were new people in my compartment (remember I was traveling unreserved). I would soon drift back to sleeping - I am sure it wasn't a good sight but I didn't care for it much.

The next scene I remember was the rather interesting conversation I had with some lovely ladies. They were poor but rich in compassion. One of them kind of waited for me to open my eyes and quickly started a conversation. They inquired if I ate anything and when I nodded no someone gave me a plantain - ripe to the right consistency I like it. I was awake now and so I guess my sleeping was to do with my hunger.

No longer hungry I started answering their questions after questions after questions. They wanted to know why I was traveling alone and why I didn't eat anything and where I was coming from and where I was going etc. Interesting part was that they inquired in Malayalam and I answered in Tamil which was understood by both sides. Soon it was their station to get down and few minutes before that itself one lady started asking if she could adopt me as her own child. Ha ha ha! That was when I fully understood the extent of their compassion for me. Somehow they had concluded I had no family. It took a while to convince them I very well had a Mom and Dad and Brother and Sister who loved me their best. I waved them good bye and continued the rest of the journey amusing over the conversation I had had with them.

I was finally home - more than three days after my departure from Bangalore! When I got refreshed I started sharing about the adventures of the journey with my family and of course I had to start from the very beginning, how just like that my friends decided to leave for home since college was closed and how I too decided to tag along etc etc.

Rolling back to all the way from leaving from hostel I recalled how we took an auto rickshaw to reach the local train station from where we took a train to Bangalore main station. One detail I could have avoided but did not - caused a great deal of eruption from Papa. He was so upset that he started SCREAMING and YELLING and I ended up in tears. What for?!

Well, the auto rickshaw had stopped on the wrong side of the station and we had to cross the railway tracks to go to the other side to board our train. I was dragging my heavy luggage and slowly moving while my friends had already crossed over with their lighter loads.

What I didn't notice nor expected was a train coming on one of the tracks. A man at the platform screamed "TRAIN! TRAIN!" and I turned to see and there it was a MONSTROUS train looming around the bent corner - just a few yards away from where I was!!

I had to act quickly. Not sure which track the train was actually on I ran across all the tracks towards the station still carrying my luggage. My friends looking over in horror and screaming, this man hurrying me with an outstretched arm, the train roaring closer I reached the platform.

Just as the man pulled me off the tracks on to the platform the train thundered down the lane!! Our faces were pale, hearts seemed to have stopped while the limbs went weak and the surroundings appeared frozen that very moment which seemed like eternity. Still!

Gathering up the luggage, finding my sandals, friends to my support, still shaking I thanked the man and he was shaking too! No wonder hearing that Papa was shaking too! If I had been better at narrating the incident, you would be too!!

The End!


Mangala said...

What an adventurous journey!! Glad that God watched over you and brought you back home safe and sound or else we would not have had such an amazing fellow blogger!

Rachna said...

My God! You are crazy for taking the tracks. Why not take the steps? Thank God, nothing happened and you survived!

Mrs. Yohapushpam Livingston said...

what we have done to receive such divine providence and protection? In what way we are better than others who had met with accidents? what will happen if God closes His eyes just for a moment against us? Let us fear God Who has said, “I am God Almighty; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. “

adithyasaravana said...

many times it happens..Life appears too secure to take safety measures. . I can imagine the state of mind when you reached the station.. thank god.. you were say the story..

NRIGirl said...

Thank you for the reminder @Amma!

@Rachna: This is an incident from back in the year 1993. Never before or never after I have crossed the tracks like that!

@Mangala: Appreciate your comment. Thank you!

....Petty Witter said...

What a hair raising adventure, thank goodness all ended well.

anilkurup said...

Grrrr. Feel like smacking you for the casual walk across the tracks.

Awful indeed and immensely lucky too.
Hope since then you took the overhead crossings.

A said...

Oh My God. That is crazy. No wonder your dad screamed. He should have. I am into adventure sports or adventure tracks....

Jyothi said...

I am definitely shaking. What were you thinking!

Anonymous said...

You were better at narrating and I too am shaking .. and upset with you for taking that risk...

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