Nov 2, 2011

At the water cooler

It is a Bible college  in Kerala. She was washing her hands at the water cooler and the guy next to her did not like that. She continued to go about her business ignoring his comments of objection as he kept staring at her. Though she felt a little intimidated she did not show it. He suddenly realized that he actually liked this girl who was apparently fearless. Right away he fell in love with her - head over heels! She cared the least and would not oblige.

He was a Pentecost, handsome, neither of them were married, seemed to have the same calling, parents wouldn't object and there was no apparent reason why she would reject him. He kept asking her to consider him and there seemed no valid answer she could give him. He insistsed she come and meet his friends later that day.

The friends, two young married couples were cheerful, lively and welcome her as one of them. He was very happy, way too nice and seemed full of joy. She wanted to make things straight from the beginning. So she told his friends it was nothing like they imagined and that she was not interested in him. They spoke up for him, recommending him and pleading her to consider him.

Just as she was contemplating what to do next the alarm went off and she woke up with a startle realizing it was all just a dream!

Point to note, she never went to a Bible college, never had such an encounter, never knew these people, never watched/heard of a similar scene in a movie or elsewhere. Why this dream out of the blue she has no clue. Do you?


A said...

Wow wonderful dream :))))))))) Like the suspense till end

Mangala said...

Maybe it was something that would happen in the future...u know the first time my husband walked into the room, I had a strange feeling that one day my future husband would be walking into the room and my life the same way!! Indeed six months later he proposed and a year later we got married!

adithyasaravana said...

well, dreams does help us live a momentary life away from the usual.. but this situation.. How?? keeps me guessing..

Jyothi said...

Its gonna happen! Dreams sometimes foretell the future. It happens to me too. Not the exact same way, but in some way related to the dream. :D Good luck to the woman. :)

Rachna said...

Perhaps for no reason or perhaps she lived some hidden crush through a dream.

KParthasarathi said...

Nor do I have any clue except that clever Hepzibah spun a nice story!!!

Bikramjit said...

yes .. make sure you was hyour hands jsut like that from now on WHO KNOWS :) ahmm ahmm
he he he he
Dreams are something which is in our subconscious .. thats what i think


YL said...

I think that the dream is yours.
very romantic. when I was doing my UG course, our Principal came to our class to teach astronomy. During one of his classes, he told us a similar story which he had read in a novel--a romance springing up while a boy and a girl were washing their hands. sometimes we dream romantic stories since we like romance.

yl said...

while reading the post, I thhought it was about Shirly.

NRIGirl said...

Interestingly it was a dream I woke up with yesterday.

As some of you have mentioned, it did come true in the sense that I read a college campus story written by my good friend Bawa yesterday - after the dream and even after writing about it.

And to your point Amma, I was just recently in touch with Shirley's husband Kuriachan who is in US now.

Also, I was telling Israel he got me too easy in an arranged marriage and should have been harder.

So I guess it is a mixture of the past, present and future. Now it all makes sense. Thank you folks for helping with my puzzled mind.

anilkurup said...

Yes I guess so what you mention may be true.It must be the mixture of past present and future .Something that was in your subconscious. And as KP said you spun a good story

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