Nov 18, 2011

Missing Blogger Alert!

Following bloggers are missing for a while. Few like The Stranger and Baili took leave so we can understand their silence; but these just disappeared without trace. If you can reach out to them great! Let them know the whole blogosphere is looking for them. Finders please inform NRIGirl.You will be $rewarded$!

Blogger: Always Happy, UK
Blog: Dil ki Baat, Blog ke saath
Last seen: 5 May 2011
Last post: Hippy Happy Hoppy Day

Blogger: Mrs. Y Livingston, India
Blog: Jesus, my Lord and my God!
Last seen: 24 July 2011
Last post: One greater than the temple

Blogger: Raji, California
Blog: Why
Last seen: 19 August 2011
Last post: Kailowesome

Blogger: Sanand, Delhi
Blog: Accesslegalcorp
Last seen: 7 September 2011
Last post: Delhi high court blast: Why I disagree with the media's blame game

Blogger: Kavita, Assam
Blog: My Room
Last seen: 29 September 2011
Last Post: Sharadiya Navratri in North East India


Mangala said...

Raji was working for her occasionally on FB. She just commented on my album today.

A said...

I have been missing for a week too but will try to be normal soon. Sending you an email.

anilkurup said...

In the true Wild West style pin ups are required
"Reward $ "

Tomz said...

thank god..i'm not in that list..however I appreciate ur concern fr ur fellow bloggers..

kavita said...

Aieyo !! Before they put up the reward pinup i need to update .Heeeee .

deeps said...

Warning bell chimes ….tick..tick…

adithyasaravana said...

what if i don't have anything to write.. many times i felt that i don't get anything to write..

NRIGirl said...

Dr. Saravana! That is when you come up with these kind of ideas... :)

Y L said...

shall be posting !

kavita said...

Yay i am back buddy !

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