Aug 25, 2011

My cup of coffee

A cup of coffee is one thing I look forward to in a day's event. But lately it is the one thing that keeps eluding me. Okay let me explain.

After sending off  Israel around 7:00 in the morning I set a cup of milk in the microwave to warm for 1 min 30 sec. Then my day starts. Grabbing my laptop I sit down to check my emails, apply for jobs, call recruiters and before I know it it is 9:30. Children start coming down one by one.

Joshua takes me out to the garden to show the single cucumber that is getting bigger each day. He then speculates on deers and other nocturnal that could have eaten some fruits or flowers. Invariably the fence door is open and Joshua claims the deer pushes it open and we talk about what could be done like setting up a surveillance camera to catch the culprit in action. Yes, this is our every day conversation in case you are wondering.

Joshua likes waffles for breakfast - the one with chocolate chip. Served with a glass of cold milk sets him on his track for his rest of the day activities - watching TV, playing video games or wii etc.

Then Sharon pops up. These days she takes extra care with her hair. She combs it smooth first thing in the morning. Yeah, there is a story behind it. Sharon was running wild - I mean her hair was running wild with no sight of comb in days, all my pleas were ignored in her jumpy spirit and then came a day when she had a ball of stubborn knot in her hair. She was in tears when we resorted to the help of scissors to get rid of it. Since then she has learned to tame her hair.

Sharon doesn't care for breakfast. Or does she? If we have waffles she will ask for pancakes and if we make pancakes she would prefer toast. Is it her? No, it is me. I was just like her - giving a hard time to Mom for every single meal. So I understand from where she comes from. Mostly I oblige but these days I tell her to make it herself. She would rather eat some air and skip breakfast altogether. Then I would insist on a glass of milk. She wouldn't agree and will claim orange juice and when I give in, she would rather have soda. Soda for breakfast, you might wonder. My answer would be, " least that."

Here comes Rachel with a cheerful "Good morning Mommy!". "Did you make your bed?" would be my response. She drags herself back upstairs reluctantly. Then I call out after her, "Rachel please make yourself some breakfast". She does mostly. Bread or waffle or bagel or anything with cream cheese - she would eat. Drinks milk. She is good. Obeys. Always. That too worries me, how is she going to survive, won't people take advantage of her, etc.

As one by one they settle into their vacation schedule, I am back to my laptop checking emails, job posts, calling people, sending out resume and before you know it it's noon! I pull myself up to go around looking for the lunch menu. No heavy cooking. Children would survive on yogurt rice with shrimp or egg or chicken. Or I can quickly make them chicken quesadillas or toss a pizza or a tray of lasagna in the oven. It's a breeze.

For dinner I worry. Israel is not very fond of non-veg these days and demands vegetables. This is time consuming as each vegetable has to be cut certain way. For whatever reason my sambar comes out ugly too. It is the same ingredients as always, same procedure as always, but not the same curry it turns out. Israel thinks there is less love in it. Could it be? I remember the days when it was worse and he seemed to have loved it or at least that's what he said -it was then - ten years ago. When it comes out excellent these days, he opts for pizza or quesadillas like the kids and then the next day hates the "old sambar". Yeah, so he is right - there is less love in it - on his part!

When it is all said and done, I mean the longing for the past, the resumes, the meals and the clean ups after, I retrieve to make myself a cup of coffee. Awaiting me in the microwave is the cup of milk I set up to warm for 1 min 30 sec first thing this morning! Please excuse me folks, let me grab it before it eludes again...


A said...

Seems like you have hands full. Finding job is a full time job.

When do schools open in NJ? My daughter is already going to school for around 2 weeks now.

Have that coffee :)))

NRIGirl said...

Thank you @A!

Kids' school starts Monday the 29th. Most public schools start on the 7th.

Mangala said...

awww.... I love coffee tooo...esp a cup of piping hot filter coffee, by the window, watching the rain outside....

KParthasarathi said...

Wonerful post Hephzibah with the undercurrent of humour.It left me smiling.
I can teach you to make the finest sambhar, like Saravana Bhavan.Wherever you go to any city in India or in New Jesey or Sanfransisco or Dubai, their Sambhar is just the same with no deviatrion in taste what so ever.How come you have not standardised it? That inconsistency and unexpectedness is the speciality of Home made sambhar, I hear ladies mutter.

NRIGirl said...

I can relate to that exact scene Mangala. My favorite too but hardly done it lately.

KP! I would love to learn the sambhar recipe from you. Will be in touch via email. Thank you, thank you & thank you!

Rachna said...

I need my steaming mug of coffee in the morning. So, I normally have it before the kids wake up :). Of course, no luxury of reading the paper along with the coffee due to that lack of time, but the coffee is just had on the go.

Vivek said...

Nice post,
I don't like coffee & Tea in summers , but in Winters nothing like it ..can have both.

Its great to be around kids and their hilarious acts quite make the mood and tone of the day great.
...and all the best for your Job hunt :)

Take care

adithyasaravana said...

I am a coffee addict.. that's what others say.. it has to be filter, strong, hot and after my jog..
but i wonder, your breakfast varieties baffles me.. yeah, I"m way out of reality.. but yes, sambar,sometimes eludes the right taste..amma makes nice sambar.and my wife will retort, my son will appreciate my cooking.. ( i think he would like rather mine)

HemaPreetha said...

Not only u...... i do the same, warming coffee 10 times and keepus busy everytime itz done

deeps said...

the day doesnt seem to be too long for you :)
maybe you got to add extra minutes so that you can have your coffee in time :P

kavita said...

Hope you are not being effected by Irene .Holding good thoughts for you .Be safe .tc.

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