Aug 1, 2011

Happy August

July is gone! August is here! At this rate New Year 2012 is just around the corner. Happy August to all my friends.

We are still in Colorado enjoying places around. Children are behaving, weather is bearable though a little too hot at times, America is beautiful everywhere we turn, so nothing to complain about. Only grateful for His providence so far.

The wedding was great. It was at the Airforce chapel followed by reception at the Doolittle hall. There was singing and dancing afterwards and for the first time in my life I danced too. Could'nt deny it when the groom asked me to the floor. It was such fun. Israel took the center stage stealing the show teaching them some Indian dance moves. It was a multicultural wedding and so it was a great occasion to get to know each other better.

Children are worried summer vacation will be over soon. Good thing we did not allow them to bring their Nintendo handhelds. They are looking outside their windows as we drive rather than looking inside their palms... I often tell them their childhood is wasted with these devices as there is no memory making.

Okay folks let me leave it at that. Israel is hurrying us to get started on our Gold mine trip this morning. Remind me to tell you about the Cowboy Church we attended yesterday. We have taken tons of pictures to share with you folks from Garden of the gods. Can't wait to share.

Happy August once again.

Friend always,


KParthasarathi said...

Enjoy the fun and have a great time.Post some nice pics of Colarado scenes.Let the kids enjoy the maximum.They will soon be tied to school and studies.

Bikramjit said...

great lookin forwad to seeing the pictures then :) you having a good time enjoyyy and have more funnnnnnnnnnn


A said...

Enjoy while it lasts :)))

kavita said...

Enjoy and have lots of fun .

baili said...

happy august to you too dear,

if you have time then kindly let me know as i am not a sharp person and god knows that dont know the reason,wishing you best of luck for each dream in life ,
god bless dear NRI GIRL

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Happy August, Glad that you guys are enjoying and the wedding went well! Can't wait to see the pictures, esp. the one you were dancing! Take care and be back safe!

deeps said...

yes.. this is going to be a beautiful month... however, i hadnt even thought about 2012.. it s still a few months away... :P

Tomz said...

It was surprising..My post published on August 1 also started with mentioning both months July and August

Chitra said...

I often tell them their childhood is wasted with these devices as there is no memory making.

....Golden words, indeed!

Chitra said...

I got your comment for my blog post. It is a small world, indeed! :-)

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