Aug 28, 2011


Irene's arrival was announced few days ago and we were unsure if she would stop by Morris County NJ on the way. Friends from other counties had received warning about Irene's fury and some of them rushed to higher grounds with their little babies and aging parents.

Morris County has one advantage that it is about 50 miles from the ocean and where we live (Jefferson Township) is over 1000 ft above the sea level. There was no warning for us. However we were at the risk of losing power, falling trees, heavy wind and of course a lot of rain.

We started making phone calls to friends and families around to come over to our place if they needed to evacuate or they were just afraid and needed to be in company. We had a big fish fried into many pieces, one big sambar and a lot of rice in case friends came over.

We had bought drinking water, bread and the like that we could survive on if we lose the power for days. We took pictures of every room to keep an account of what we had in case the storm hits us and we need to claim our insurance. Moved the garden pots indoor, downed the basket ball hoop to the ground, filled the bath tubs with water for later use if water stops and decided to sleep in the basement which is the only concrete structure in the house. Then we prayed and slept.

It has been raining, raining and raining non stop for more than 48 hours now. Yes, it is windy too. But we are all safe and sound. Haven't ventured out to see if the roof is in place but have no doubt it is. Meanwhile watching news on calamities caused by Irene in the nearby towns and other eastern states. Not sure if I feel relieved that we are not among the 9 million that lost power, but thankful - very thankful that we are just fine.

I will click publish now and then see if I can take a mini video to post along. Please check back in a while...


Balachandran V said...

Glad to hear a voice from out there! I have a friend in New York, Cherian who lives in New Hyde Park. Hope he is alright.

I am sure you and your family and friends will be fine!

anilkurup said...

In the movie ,"the Day After", which is about the Nuclear war, a voice is heard from the devastation,"anybody out there?"

Good to know that you are calling out to say , yes you are ok.
Take care

A said...

Glad you are okay. We are fine here too :))

Deepan said...

Glad to hear all are fine..

Chitra said...

Praise the Lord! you are all safe!

Chitra said...

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