Apr 28, 2011

Influential Elders - Reena Amma

Glad to be part of the series Influential Elders. I have quite a few who have influenced me one way or another and would love to share about them all one by one… Here’s introducing the first in my list - Reena Amma!
Reena Amma

Reena Amma was our neighbor when we moved to our new parental home. I remember I was in third grade then. Reena Amma became an instant friend of the family. The earliest memories of Reena Amma is when she used to buy jasmine flowers and pin it to our hair - for both myself and my sister.

A year or two later when Delightson was born, Reena Amma quickly mixed some sugar in water and gave us all a spoonful saying, 'You have got a baby brother!' Over the years we came to depend on Reena Amma for very many things.

Tooth is wiggly? Go to Reena Amma!
Thorn in the foot? Call Reena Amma!
Scraped the knee? Call Reena Amma!
Fever? Remedies by Reena Amma!
Sugar is over? Borrow from Reena Amma!
Change for Rs.100? Reena Amma!
Quickly borrow some cash? Reena Amma!
Feed Snowy while we are away? Reena Amma!
Cut a jack fruit? Take a piece to Reena Amma!
Grandma brought murukkus? Share with Reena Amma!
Madhan got low grades? Rescue him from Reena Amma! :)
New clothes? Show it to Reena Amma!
... & many many more

As I said, Reena Amma was our immediate solution for many things big and small. She was our instant banker, doctor, advisor all combined into one. Reena Amma would frequently make some sweets and bring it over. Cooked something nice? She would be sure to share with us.

Above all! When Papa suddenly departed us, it was Reena Amma, Appa and children who rushed to help. Madhan, Deepan, Vincy, Vinodh they were of huge help from showering to shaving to all other arrangements. Night and day they were there till we arrived and all else took place. I am forever grateful for their love for us, their constant availability to our beck and call and their willingness to hold us dear. We can never pay back for everything they have done.

It has been few years now since I last saw Reena Amma. They built a new home and moved away, and whenever I visit from USA, she is out of town, for whatever reason we haven't met in a very long time. With the frequently changing cell phone numbers it is hard to get hold of her on the phone too.

But to tell you the truth I often remember her love for us. We too love them much and wish them the best. I am sure she has no doubt about it - our Reena Amma, sorry Deepan Amma!

P.S: Last statement was modified to fit in Deepan's request in the comment section below... Deepan must be happy now :))


KParthasarathi said...

It is a wonderful delineation of Reena amma's character.Each one of us have or had a Reena amma as a neighbour,type of people who shower affection unstintingly and always.But as it happened in your case when we move out of neighbourhood or the country, the contact fades but not the fond memories.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you KP Uncle! Appreciate your comments.

Thank you Amma for forwarding me the picture. Somehow it makes me want to cry...

Y L said...

Reena amma is a loving lady to whom we are indebted in many ways.

baili said...

very touching dear,there are few people we meet in life that put great impact on our mind and heart and stay in our good memories forever,such blessed people are very lucky and no matter we can see them again or not no power can apart their love from our heart,

she was a wonderful great personality who were always there for you and your family dear, and for such lovely job god will always blessed her and and her family ,take care

Deepan said...

Thanks for writing about amma and make me to remember everyone from a22 & a23.
I am so blessed to have her as my mom.
When amma came and stay with me in Bangalore. I'm worried that she'll get bored because no one knows Tamil in apartment. Within few days she got lot of friends in apartment .If she went to native apartment ppl keeps asking when she'll be back. Wondering how fast she makes friends.
Madhan won’t forget pappa and delight amma; exam result announced they are the saviour for him :)

akka at least once call her as deepan amma :)

Hope we'll have a nice get together when you visit India


Thanks for sharing this one here, there is always someone in our life like Reena Amma.... always there for us, whenever we need.

Subash raja said...

Well said Akka . First of all I have to introduce myself. Since you may not know me. I m deepans friend since 1989. I also experienced the same things from the date we met. I want to say some unforgettable moments with deepans mom and family. Whenever Christmas is nearing I ll start counting the days. Coz I ll have a call from Deepan and mom to celebrate the function. I ll present by 8:00 am (sharp) to have a nice break fast from deepans mom Especially Salam and chicken. I won't forgot the days we spent with Amma Appa Madan reena Akka vincy machan chitti ruthu Kishore ...... I am missing those days for past 2 years since they have migrated to Bgl. Thanks for giving opportuniy to share my words on deepans family

Reena AnthonyRaj said...

You have the great heart to mention her Love, Thankyou.My brothers envy on me(Reena) when they read it.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you everyone for your sincere comments.

Subash Raja! Welcome you to the NRIGirl blog. Thank you for sharing about Reena Amma. Your mention of her chicken curry makes my mouth water. It will be very spicy and very yummy! The next time I visit I should try it once more.

Reena! All of Deepan's friend calls Mom Deepan Amma right? (Even Subash Raja above). He is trying to claim her fully as his by insisting we all call her that :) I remember the same comments by him when he was very little. Hard to believe that kutty Deepan is now so big...

God bless you all! Looking forward to wedding news of Madhan and Deepan very soon.

Always Happy said...

very touching post. I remember an aunty like Deepan Amma who lived in our neighbourhood and was always there for us.

vincy said...

Akka, first of all thanks for remembering myself and my dear athai(aunt) but i take this opportunity to share my respect & affection towards papa.(ur dad).He is a man who lived like jesus in this earth..i always wonder how could this man be so close to godliness, he used to offer me pocket money even..i was blessed to live along with him and also to interact with him. I always admire him when he used to invite the poor to your house..He is my inspiration to my life and with almighty's blessings i try to live in his footpath....once again thank u for remembering me and my athai....

Anonymous said...

Dear Child,
I really appreciate your remembrance about "Reena Amma". This shows your highborn from blessed family. I am very proud of "Reena Amma" because she is my life partner. Our lord gave us a precious gift so i'm ever thankful to God. Reena amma is not only my life partner , she is my lovely heart, advisor,teacher, physician, friend,paster and lovely mother to the children. she brought us into holiness and blessings. So i have to pay "Royal Salute" to this wise woman.


NRIGirl said...

So nice to hear from you Vincy! Hope all is well at your end. How are Mom, Vibin and your little sister? Greetings to your wife. Any children?

Please email me at starlh@hotmail.com and share your family pictures.

Thank you for the kind words on my Papa.

~ Queen Akka

NRIGirl said...

Dear Reena Appa! It is a pleasure hearing from you. I am so glad you got a chance to read the post and comment on it.

I have your phone number now. Got it from Reena. Will call you one of these days. Much love to you both and thank you once again for everything Reena Amma has been to us.

~ Queen

NRIGirl said...

Reena! Deepan!

Now, this makes me wondering... where is Madhan?? Please share news on Madhan. Ask him to check this post and share his comments too as without him the picture is not complete...

Wishing you guys the best in life.

~ Queen Akka

Reena Amma said...

Dear Queen
Praise The Lord. By God's Grace all are fine.Hope the same with you and family.Queen Amma came home with the print out(Blog you have written about me) and the gift you have given for me.It was really surprising and while reading i felt very happy.You have the great heart to mention my love.
To be frank i have done nothing more to you and your family. Actually we are blessed to have a such wonderful and lovely neighborhood. Because of your family we brought us into holiness. Papa teaches my child how to pray and take care of children welfare, such a wonderful person always my inspiration in my holy life. I have more to say about Queen Amma, she advise my children's to study well.If they did anything wrong, she never hesitate to scold them.You are always a lovely child to me.I remember the days you,nimi and reena play (choru ponki velaiyaturathu).Sweet is my favorite child. To my children's i used to say look at Queen Amma Family (Mostly Delightson) and learn from them how to behave,pray etc.
Always your family is our role model.

Where ever i go, I used remember your family and share about your family. This words come in my mind about your family "I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches".

தினைத்துணை நன்றி செயினும் பனைத்துணையாக்
கொள்வர் பயன்தெரி வார்.

I'm always thankful to god for giving such a blessed family as neighbor.

How is Israel,Rachel,Sharon and sweet Joshua.

With Love
Reena Amma(Qubert).

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