Apr 25, 2011

Giggle times

I can vividly remember my giggling days growing up and can assure you that was the best time in my life. Walking around with Delightson - my little brother, with our arms around each others' shoulder, cracking up on the silly things we saw, heard or assumed to be funny...

Even now though we are oceans apart, our phone conversations are mostly 'giggly' as we recall how our conversations with Mom, Akka, our spouses or kids went...

Looks like my kids are in that phase right now... Everything we say is funny to them and they crack up mid conversation (to our annoyance at times), and in turn everything they say is funny to us making us laugh out loud (to their dismay at times).

Here's to share a few highlights with you ...

"Guess what Mommy, Mima is not my friend anymore!"
"Who? Mima? The cute little Mima?"
"Cute? No, not any more. Yes that's her"
"Why what happened?"
"What happened was she made me cry, well, almost"
"How did she?"
"Because she lied to me. She lied to me that John said I was ugly. I said, 'oh well' and later when I was playing with John I asked him Mima told me you said I am ugly. And John said, 'No I did not say that!'. Then I went and asked Mima, 'Mima, did John really say I am ugly?' and she said 'yes!' and I said I asked John and he said he did not say that.' Then she said 'yes! he said that' and then I asked 'really?' and then I said, 'we will go talk to John then' and then she said, 'no he didn't say that, only I made it up' and that's why"
"Wait a minute! So John didn't really say you are ugly. Does that mean John said you are beautiful?"
"Mommy! That's not true!"
"What! He didn't say you are beautiful?"
"Mommy! Stop that! He didn't say anything"
"Oh! Okay... Let's forget Mima for a while. Tell me about John"
"Ooh... you are talking about boys, let me join too"
"Listen Rachel, I said John didn't really say I was ugly and Mima made it up and Mommy is asking if that means John thinks I am beautiful; ewe!"
"Oh! really?! Did he say that?"
"No! Mommy asked if he did"
"OK girls, I got to run. Just tell me one thing. How is this John?"
"Mima is this tall (pointing to my shoulder) and John is this tall (pointing to half my shoulder)"
"Oh! only that much? Then he won't work for us..."
"Mommy! You are funny... John? Ewe!"
Giggle giggle giggle...
~ ~ ~

"Mommy! You know what?! They tease me with Ryan..."
"Ryan?! why?"
"Once Ryan was at the microwave, and I accidentally hit his arm when I opend the microwave and I said 'Sorry' and he said, 'Rachel you almost broke my arm...' and  then he turned to others and said 'Rachel almost broke my heart, oops my arm' and everybody laughed at him and since then they are teasing him..."
"Are you sure it was the arm you broke and not the heart?!"
"Sha..ron! That's not funny..."
Giggle giggle giggle...
~ ~ ~

"Mommy! You know Trevor?"
"Yes, Of course I know Trevor! He is my favorite; what about him?"
"Ooh! Mommy likes Tre...vor!"
"I will tell on you to Daddy..."
"What is there to tell on me to Daddy? I like Trevor because he is a nice boy."
"Mommy! You are married. You cannot like boys... You can only like Daddy"
Giggle giggle giggle...
~ ~ ~

"Psss psss psss..."
"Giggle psss psss giggle"
"Joshua! Don't listen!"
"Psss.. psss psss..."
"What are you girls talking about and why can't you include my Joshua?"
"Mommy! That's girls stuff"
"Girls stuff? Can I join too?"
"Not really, it is not appropriate to share with you"
"Why not! I am a girl too"
"No! You are not! You are Mommy!"
Giggle giggle giggle...
"Psss psss psss Giggle"
~ ~ ~

"Mommy! Tell Joshua he cannot be friends with the Pre-k-ers."
"Why? What's wrong with that?"
"There is this girl in Pre-k, she tells everyone she likes Joshua."
"Yeah! She likes me!"
"Joshua! Just tell her she cannot like you. Tell her you want to be just friends."
Blink blink blank...
"Sharon! Leave him alone, he is still little"
"Joshua! Just tell her you are only friends"
~ ~ ~

"Quickly eat the milk and drink the pancake! We are getting late"
"Daddy! No offense! But (Giggle) you said eat the milk (giggle) and drink the pancake (giggle), Sharon! you know what?! Daddy said eat the milk and (giggle) drink the pancake"
Giggle giggle giggle...
"Enough giggling now! Quick eat your milk!!"
"Daddy! You said it again!"
Giggle giggle...
"That's okay! Just drink your pancake, we got to leave!"
More giggles ripple the kitchen floor...
~ ~ ~


A said...

I am giggling now :)))

NRIGirl said...

Thanks for your comment A! We just read it together, and laughed all over again. Had to make some changes to capture the exact conversation as children corrected the original post.


its really entertaining when kids share their school mates story back at home.... in a way its important also bcoz it makes us friendly with our kids......

Enjoyed the read.....:D

Mangala said...

oh I rembr my giggly days! I used to laugh soo much rembring funny incidents, that once the entire class burst out laughing with me without knowing the reason. My laughter was just so contagious!!

Y L said...

enjoyed reading .

Rachna said...

So true! I find my sons having giggling fits for no apparent reason :). And, we used to do the same when young.

Sanand said...

I enjoyed reading the post though I've never found giggling endearing:)

dr.antony said...

Interesting!. We were painting our home and Kevin just finished his picture and pasted it on to the wall they had just done.I was irritated and scolded him.
He said"Appukka ,pack your bag and go"
I said" You are the one who always say,pack my bag,I want to go to Appukka"
"Ah,yes,I will think about when you become a good boy"!

KParthasarathi said...

Kids do not need any reason to giggle.That is an expression of their joy,innocence and warmth.
Enjoyed reading.
Thanks for the visit to my blog and kind comments

Tomz said...

hahaha..enjoyed it really...

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