Apr 7, 2011


Many thanks to Raji of Why? for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award for one of my blogs: Coffee with Jesus. Here's the catch, I must list out seven things about myself. Let me give it a try:
! My maiden name is Hephzibah Queenstar Livingston and mostly known as Queen back home.
! I do not like bats, owls, snakes and hyenas.
! I admire the sparrows & swans.
! Malayalam is my favorite language and I can follow it 99% though I can hardly speak it.
! I believe the journey is more fun than the destination.
! If I were to rollback in time, it would be to when Papa and us were in Grandma's house listening to Grandma's stories of Papa's birth and his childhood mischiefs.
! I was afraid to dangle my legs from bed, thinking there were prowling lions under the bed. Also, I was very afraid of dark. However after marriage all such fears disappeared almost magically.

Phew, somehow I passed that test! The next catch is I must pass on the award to fellow bloggers... I would like to pick the following bloggers:

Baili and I
A Simple Blogger
Doc at Heart Beats
Bikramjit &

If you guys already got the same award, please be kind and pass it on...

What's next? Copy the award image and post it in your blog along with a similar post telling about YOU!!


A said...

Thanks. Why can't you speak Malayalam? I thought it was your mother tongue?

A said...


Of course I am angry with you because you did not award me. LOL :))


Congrats..... a well deserved award for you.

Best wishes,


BTW one thing i was not clear while passing an award.... can it be done to some one who already has these... or it is for the new found Bloggers???

i mean is there any set pattern for these????

Renu said...


baili said...

all i can say that thank you so much for honor dear,

loved reading about you i was afraid of dark too, childhood is my favorite portion of life also,
very well deserved heartiest congrats for award dear,
god bless.

dr.antony said...

Thank you very much Hepzibah.
It was kind of you to remember me and ask how things were going on.I was held up at work.Our tech director had gone on vacation for a month,and so,I am on call for most of the days.
It was when I wrote for you,I realised I don't have your mail id.I wanted to write something and thank you for all the good wishes and prayers.

Bikramjit said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy THANK youuuuuuuuuuuu .... thank you THANK YOUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ooops frgot my manners he he he Congratulations to you first ... and all those above thank you's again to you :)


NRIGirl said...

Great to hear from you all again.

To answer @A's question, my mother tongue is Tamil however many have asked me if I am from Kerala. I like that as it shows I carry some roots from both my Grandmothers.

Their native places (Kollencode & Karinkal) were once part of Kerala before the Govt decided to attach Kanyakumari district to Tamil Nadu...

Punam said...

@NRIGirl: I admire the sparrows and swans too. :) Good to know so many things about you, esp your memories of your papa. :)

raji said...

hI nri ...I liked your 7 things about yourself.Now on I can also call you "queen" nice name..

@A sorry ..I actually left that place for NRI gal to give you that award.Older friend than me right?:)))

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