Jun 12, 2010

Out of Egypt

Merry & Cheer they left
Out of Egypt with their clan

Gold & Silver as gifts
Slaves no more but free

Away they traveled with dance
Much singing & chatting as they fled

Few days & few nights into their trek
Oh lo! Red sea in the front

As they looked back to check
Oh lo! the army behind

Their hearts all ached with fear
Nowhere to flee from both

They looked to their leader with prayer
He begged to the Father in Heaven

As they watched with so much fear
An amazing event occured

The sea parted in half giving way
They hurried by foot all the way

All Grannnies, the young and the sick
All Mommies, the babies and kids

With Daddies, the animals, and all
With fear and trembling and hope

The sea stood as high walls you see
On both sides, it was a great sight

The wind was so harsh to the sea
Yet so gentle to the folks as they walked

Armies behind them to chase
In charriots and fast running horse

As the last person put out his feet
Out of the parted red sea

While the army was still in mid way
The sea came back with such force

Whole army was killed in no time
While People rejoiced with glea

Not one of them lost in the sea
It's a constant reminder to us

No matter how big is our sea
No matter how fast is the foe

God opens a way for us out
For sure as He is true!


SG said...

Very beautiful. If one door is closed God always opens another door for us.

NRIGirl said...

Hello SG: All delighted to receive your comments. Thank you!

Just visited your blog too, it is quiet interesting. As I have posted in your comments I am requesting few people to write a Guest Blog Post for my blog and would like to check with you too.

The topic I have chosen is "This NRI Life" Kindly consider. My email address for direct communication is: nrigirl@hotmail.com

~ NRIGirl

A said...

Very nice.

Y L said...

wonderful poem!
God bless you.
karinkal pattiamma told me this:
she used to think if she could get the finance to educate her children well, then she could believe that it is true that God parted the red sea. we know that her children were well educated and got good jobs etc etc.
Selvaraj uncle once told me that he was standing in front of the red sea with his three daughters and only God should open up the ways for them. we know how well settled the daughters are.
you will see the glory of God if you can only believe that God is able.
Praise be to His Holy Name!

NRIGirl said...

Beautiful examples Amma! Thank you for sharing.

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