Jun 5, 2010

Anamika - A Jewel to the crown

Dear All! Join me in wishing the best for Anamika Veeramani who added a new jewel to the crown of Mother India, in this years Spelling Bee. I am sure we all take pride in her as one of ours makes it BIG.

As her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles let us follow her lead and aim to bring a jewel to Mother India's crown by being the best of whatever we are!

Hats off to you Anamika! You surely rock!

To know more about Anamika, visit: http://public.spellingbee.com/public/spellers/2010/185


A said...

Thanks :) We are proud of her.

NRIGirl said...


SG said...

Nice one. Congratulations to Anamika. Incidentally, great minds think alike. I also wrote a post on Anamika.

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