Oct 3, 2011

A son shares about his Mom - A post by Israel

It has been almost a year since my mom passed away. I take this opportunity to share a few words about my Mom and the legacy she has left behind...

My mother Mrs. Santhoshamani Thavasikani was married to my father Mr. Thavasikani when she was 16 years of age! They both migrated to Bombay to start their family. We were seven children of 3 girls and 4 boys in all, myself being number six, the second last.

When we were all still very young, due to some family situation my father had to move back to our native place in Tirunelveli. He took the two older children with him while my mother had to raise the rest of us alone in Bombay. She was running a small grocery shop and my father would send in additional financial support from his farming back home.

I was truly blessed by my Mom. She was my spiritual role model and leader who led by example. She taught us how to trust in the Lord, how to serve the Lord & community and how to be faithful in the Lord.

She encouraged me in so many ways. When I was a child I had never seen my mom sleeping; she would be praying when I went to bed at night and would be still in prayers when I woke up. I am sure she went to bed in between; but to my little mind she appeared to be praying nonstop.

When I was about 12 years of age, I had boils on my body; I had this for many days. My school was about to start in couple of days, but I could not wear pants or shirts because of the boils. If I wore any clothes it would stick to my skin and would cause more damage to the skin while attempting to remove them. I was very sad that I could not make to school on the first day which was merely two days away.

My mom applied coconut oil and prayed over me, she was in tears for hours. Miraculously the next day all the boils dried up and I was able to make it to the first day of school! Praise God!

I was an "outstanding" student in school. Of course outstanding because my teacher would make me stand outside the class for disobeying her or not doing the homework or not getting good grades in exams or for bullying. When I came home,my elder sister Paul who was also my tuition teacher would plead with me to learn atleast one question & answer. Having pity on her I learnt a few.

My favorites were Maths, Science & Arts. I was very bad in Languages & History. Everyone(except my MOM) would scold me that I would be never successful in my life and that I was dumb & slow and that if I didn’t study I would have to beg for bread in my life.

My mom used to read me the biography of Thomas Alva Edison, and she encouraged me saying, "Even Edison was slow, but turned out be the smartest person ever known. My son would also become like him."

My mother was the making of me. She was so true, so sure of me, and I felt I had someone to live for, someone I must not disappoint.So I started focusing on studies and finally I was able to complete my Bachelors degree in Chemistry followed by an Aptech diploma in Computer Science.

My dream was to build a home for my Mom and provide everything that she ever wanted or needed and to see her happy. I was able to fulfill most of them but not all as she passed away soon. I am reminded of the fact that she lives in a better place.

I am truly blessed by my Mom's prayers and encouraging words. I owe it to God Almighty first, and next to my Mom for what I am today...


anilkurup59 said...

Gratitude, is a premium trait. Rare as the snow leopard.And you as the son of a woman who had immense perseverance has in simple words shown us your humility and gratefulness of character.

May I through your post thank my mother as well, and thankfully she is alive and healthy.

Bikram said...

I always salute and respect a person who has so much love and respefct for his/her parents.
Its not seen these days much around ...

We should be thankful to our parents cause we are where we are because of all the love and prayers they have for us ..


Amrit said...


My condolences to your husband on the first death anniversary of his mother. Time does not heal, it just enables us to live with the situations.

A great tribute to your mother in law from your husband.

Rachna said...

Wonderful sentiments from your husband. Our parents have a special place in our lives. It was nice to hear about your mil, and good to hear about the love that she shared with her children.

Anonymous said...

Its lovely to see a post by your husband. He writes well too. The way he has shown gratitude to his mom is totally praise worthy. Thank you for sharing.

Y L said...

No one else can pray for us as our mother.God sees the longing in her heart for her children.I have experienced and seen so many lives blessed by the prayers of their mothers.How can we repay?Pray in turn for our own children.The prayers of mothers have raised many saints of God. St Augustine, the Wesley brothers, are examples.
Those who are gone ahead of us LIVE in our memories.

adithyasaravana said...

ohh... I am just reminded of the msg I sent to my friend today.. My mom went back yesterday after staying with us for 10 days..

"amma told our maid it seems - to prepare nice food for me..erkanavae, en payyan kari meenu saappida maatengaran, kai kariyachum nalla samachu podunga nnu.. Now maid scolds me if i do some dieting or if I limit my food.."

" ha haa.. paiyyan pathi mattum thaan karisanam? what about peran?"

"avana paaththukka thaan avanga amma irukkangale..
actually the whole ten days they stayed, i was running here and there..except maybe on two days..probably she would have felt bad.. that I go sleepless for those days..she would never allow any kids inside my room after my post duty off in kgf..Most of our neighbourhood kids will be taken care of in my house, and they would always peep in as to what I am doing.."

and when I saw Israel's post.. I felt, I too have something good to express.. Hmmm..what to tell.. Many days i'm very inadequate in expressing my love or gratitude..
I would say," It is all there inside my heart".. but that's it.. some ppl can't express properly..
and if i shed all my inhibitions and say few nice words.. the credit goes to Israel..

deeps said...

I m not sure who is the lucky n blessed one, the mother or child??!!
Well, it must be you…
They say, many parents have children, but few children have parents, you are one of them!!

Y L said...

A very good tribute to a loving mother.

Balachandran V said...

Love shines brightly through it all...

Black Walnut Pearl said...

The post was as if Israel narrates it. As no one could replace a mother, our hearts are with you on this first anniversary of your Mother's loss. Take care and spread her word "LOVE".

KParthasarathi said...

It left my eyes moist.A very moving tribute by a loving son.Israel should draw comfort from the thought that her efforts to make a man of him succeeded and he was able to fulfill some of her wishes.The values she has imparted in him should stand him in good stead.The lives of moms generally are stories of sacrifice,compassion and love with least expectations.

Sharon Paul said...

dat was really heat touching!!!!!!!!!!! whenever I hear anything about grandma,dat truly reminds me about my mom bcoz I feel grandma's spiritual gifts are upon mom......I love my mom very very much..........I would also love to share about my mom bt aftr my xams coz if i write abt her then i wont stop dat for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!really mom knows everything and how great they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they are the most beautiful creatures on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVE MY MOM AS WELL AS MY GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On one hand I feel bad for her absence but on the other hand I am ery much happy because she'z with my LOVELY, PRETTY, WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, ROCKING JESUS
once at sunday service i heard grandma praying and I was just kept on starring at her till she completed her talk with JESUS............she was only praising him for at-least 5mins in the start of her prayer like ''pon yesu,velli yesu,inimai aanavar ''and lots more n i even dont remember few of those, but the i exactly remember the first two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just miss her "parpu payasam"...........I just love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I MISS YOU GRANDMA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cjo said...

Mom's are special, outstanding example of unconditional love.

Anonymous said...

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