Oct 19, 2011

Under our banana tree!


Since I work from home these days I don't get to meet people on a daily basis. Hence I thought I would invite you all in.

Welcome to my "corner office" which is a tiny 6 X 10 room off of our kitchen. It was supposedly a laundry room as per the original plan, but since we moved the laundry upstairs I could use it as my study.

This is where I spend a good ten hours of my waking life. Shown as is... I am glad it is less messier than other times...

Can you spot Sharon's skirt? It is awaiting my attention to sew on a button. It has been weeks since she handed it over to me and I haven't got to it yet.

The problem is, I can't find a spare button to use... If you've got one, would you care to share?

One benefit of working from home is that I do actually change the date in the calendar! :)

The Tamil letters read, "Surely blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you" a Bible verse from Hebrews 6:14

Now, don't get me started on any of these books. Though I work from home I hardly find time for reading at leisure. That brown hard bound book with a string  you see? - that is the treasure find I often share from. Example: What is a Boy?, What is a Girl?, My Last Will and Testament, etc.

The Arrow Writers Handbook is a garage sale find and it is so tiny that I can probably finish it in less than 15 minutes, but still haven't had the time to go through it.
For those of you puzzled by my title, let me explain I have got a banana tree for company!

Israel is a huge fan of eating on banana leaf and so when we saw one in the store this summer he bought it! Israel and kids have enjoyed many meals on the leaves already.

Now that the cold weather is setting in, it is a big dilemma if it will survive the winter. 
In an attempt to save it I have moved it to my room which gets ample sunlight throughout the day. Will keep you guys posted at the end of the season on it's well being.

Knick knacks are my fancy and the easiest place to showcase them is on the window sil. The pinecones in the background are place settings from my friend's wedding party. That teeny tiny fur puppy is the closest I can get to a dog in this life, as Israel is against owning pets.... :(
My treasure basket full of Where is Waldo and Better Homes and Garden magazines - which I briefly browse thru' during downtime. 

My abandoned office bag and the earlier purse I was using. The wood thing is actually a shelf, patiently awaiting installation by Israel.

Why blame him, it is high time I learn to use some of these hardware tools; so let me give it a try.

So long!
So, that's it! We are done with the tour of my little space where I connect from.

Thank you for joining me today and hope you are not in a hurry to leave; please stay a while longer... we'll have some tea!

P.S: The pictures are all clickable, for a better view.


KParthasarathi said...

Thank you for the guided tour around your office room or study.Except for the food on the banana leaf, you have everything one may need:books to stimulate,toys to play with,a lappy to work on,bright sunlight to keep you cheerful,a window to gaze, a close proximity to kitchen to indulge your palate and above all your friends just a click away.How nice of Israel to have provided you all these without the need to commute long distances to work and easy facility to snooze at will,you are indeed a blessed lady!!!I envy you.

A said...


Your house or the portions we see in the picture is really beautiful. Organized, clean and color coordinated.

Why do you need two computers?

I know you did not read that book (Writers Guide) but did you read a couple of pages - how is it?

NRIGirl said...

@KP Sir! The food that is missing is my sole responsibility which I do it so willingly at times and get overwhelmed at other times. That's when frozen meals come in handy. :)

@A to answer your questions, one is my work computer and the other is my personal computer.

I haven't read past the front and back covers, I can pass it on once I am done with it, if you are interested... Let me know.

Nice to see you both!

Mangala said...

Heyy nice to know a lil more abt u! I know how it is to work from home...been doing that since the last 5.5 yrs now. But with all the comforts of not needing to commute or dress up, comes the risk of feeling lonely as compared to a vibrant office environment. So the need to keep reinventing self and doing something new is always there....anyways all the very best as always!!

Jyothi said...

I had always assumed that working from home would not be that much fun. But if I get a space like this for myself, I might just give it a try. :) Lovely office space you have and the way you have personalized it is amazing. Have fun working. :) And good luck to the banana tree.

anilkurup said...

That was short guided tour. The banana plant looks wonderful. Yes will it survive the winter? that is the question . ( reminds me of the many times I bought Tulips from Holland and after all the standard procedure withered away , and once after sprouting flowers as tiny as a jasmine).

I feel a bit envious that you can be in the confines of your home and work. That is good too.

Looks cosy all around. Have a great home.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Loved the tour, from next month i will be allowed to work from homw for the IT job i have .. but i dont know where to put my office .. So this givee me a idea ..

I have a small box room that can probably hold a table and chair I think and offocurse the screens i need :)

Lets hope i enjoy working from home ..


....Petty Witter said...

Thank you for the invite, its been nice spending time with you in your office.

Mingled Minds said...

wow... ur work seems fascinating..lolss.. thanx for the invite....


kavita said...

I spotted the skirt - it is on the chair arm -rest.You have a warm ,pretty,well organized and cosy office .I loved it .

kavita said...

And i looooved your handbags :)

NRIGirl said...

Thank you all for joining me, it was fun having you!

Kavitha! You are right! That's the skirt. Now do you have s button to spare?

Normally they provide spare buttons on readymade clothes here and I have never had to replace one. But for whatever reason they haven''t provided one with this skirt and that is the only one that needs fix! :(

Tomz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tomz said...

Oh NRI girl, you r doing wrong to that plantain tree by placing it inside the house..:) no open space available somewhere over there? jus kidding..

Shilpa Garg said...

Wow! A wonderful and beautiful office you have! Love the work from home job!! Damn cool! :)


just wish i could get a chance to work from home some day....how wonderful it will be when your boss is not around and you work as per your convenience....:)

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