Jan 14, 2011

Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

We have had a few snow days this year already and mostly we wasted them indoors, under the covers, in front of the TV or snuggled at the window seat.

Recalling the best snow day activity only makes me regret the lost opportunities and just can't wait for the next snow showers, which is expected over the weekend. Here's sharing some snow day 'must do' activities.  
  1. When it is still snowing get out to the backyard and lie down on the ground, face up, legs straight kept together, hands spreaded out making a 'T'
  2. For a minute or two just lie there looking up at the sky, at the gentle snow flurries, looking at the flakes up close.
  3. Taste some, wince some, blow some, cherish some and be prepared for those that tickle your nose; once you have had enough of it move on to the next step.
  4. Bring your hands close to the body and at the same time spread your legs apart, repeat it several times to enjoy it the best.
  5. Slowly stand up and viola you have made the best Snow Angel in the whole wide world!
  6. Make a few more snow angels all over the yard. The more the merrier you see!
  7. Now just roll over all over in the snow, bring back the child in you, bring out your young ones at home, drag out your partner too. Tell him/her enough with the hot chocolate all wrapped up in their snuggies. He/she needs some snow - real snow! Pets too why not. It will be fun laughing and rolling together.
  8. By now definitely the whole yard is a mess. This is a perfect time for making snow balls throwing at each other and clicking some pictures.
  9. When you have had a fair share of snow balls, let's build a snow man. I know you won't have enough snow nearby as you have trampled on them all. So, go gather some from far and near, roll them up and put them together.
  10. Finally when fun is full and energy is drained and you are all wet, get back home for a change of clothes and warm cup of hot cocoa or some roasted chestnuts.
  11. Don't forget to save at least one perfect snowball in your freezer as a memento.
  12. Don't you worry about the messy back yard, in no time it will be smoothed again with fresh snow.
Trust me you will be glad it was a snow day and you didn't waste it. Looking back you will cherish the memories made this day. Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!


A said...

Post some pictures when you lie down on the ground with snow covered all over :)))

I will look for them over the weekend.

NRIGirl said...

@A! So glad it didn't snow as expected over the weekend. :)

How is it holding in NC?

Neeha said...

Great to read..
But no doubt ill surely see the hell or heaven,when I do such gymnastics..
Enjoy the snow dear..

Bikramjit said...

we want pics
we want pics
we want pics we want picsssssssssss

yes go on let me see you doing it then i will do it tooo :)


raji said...

Hi Nri,I thought you would be fed up with the snow storms !:)cool!I like your spirits.Good write up and good description of your fun n frolic and experiments wit snow.even I had written a similar note on snow

Haddock said...

OK so now I got the idea of the angel.
Now we wait for it to snow in Kerala :-)

dr.antony said...

I wish i could do that !It never snows in Kerala or the place where I work!

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