Jan 29, 2011

Be My Guest!

How is everybody doing? Looks like the winter has us frozen. I don't see many posting these days from fellow bloggers and even my rare ideas keep escaping me. Thought of a little something to wake us up from the prevailing hibernation. Hence introducing Be My Guest! 

I am accepting guest posts from anyone who wants to participate. Your guest post will be posted on NRIGirl blog with links to your blogs. This way readers can benefit from a variety of bloggers and bloggers can benefit from new readers. How's that?

Few topics suggestion:

* A word with you
* Ready or not hear I come
* Around the house

If you wish to write in all three topics, by all means go for it; if you are not comfortable in these lines, please feel free to pick your own. It could be an essay, short story, poem, photograph, interview, painting, or anything you can dream it up to be.

Please email me your submissions at nrigirl at hotmail dot com. It will be posted on a first come first served basis. The post with the maximum number of comments will be awarded; haven't figured out what, but something simple and cherishable.

So, let's get started. Please Be My Guest!


A said...

I was out of country for the whole week and last weekend I was sick. I just published one post a couple of minutes back. :))) Keep new ideas coming NRI.

If you run out of ideas, ask me. I charge money though. Here is one idea for you (it is not free- send 50$ check) :- Write on NJ Turnpike and the toll one has to pay there....brief history and issues related to it.

Talha said...

Good Innovation. I like your Idea.

Bikramjit said...

YEah winter blues i guess :)


NRIGirl said...

@A! Now don't think you can escape the Guest Post by giving ideas. Awaiting to receive your post.

Also, thank you for the idea. Let me see if I can write up something in those lines...

Thank you @Talha! Hope you'll be my guest!

@Bikramjit! Winter? Blues? You? No,doesn't make a good combination... No way! Just can't wait to receive your guest post.

....Petty Witter said...

I would love to take part, thanks for the invitation.

Anonymous said...


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