Dec 17, 2009

You have just landed in America... Now what?!

Dear NRIGirl: Welcome to the United States of America. I am sure you are all excited to be landing in the land of opportunity. Doesn't it feel great?! For some of you it might be the first snowfall you are seeing, for some of you, it would be a day of immense joy as you might be reuniting with your long awaiting husband here... For others it might a day of dream come true... Welcome, welcome one and all...

I am sure you will find this country amazing in many ways. It is a beautiful beautiful place on earth I am sure. Doesn't it feel great to be living in a place where all are equal?! I have come to appreciate that a lot.

For a few days you will be in jet lag... kids will be cranky, you will be learning things like how to set the heater, how to lock the doors, use the rice cooker, how to make a meal with whatever ingredients you've got, etc.

But when things settle down eventually, mostly over a weekend, you need to plan some very important things such as:

Where will you live?
Which school to send the kids?
Finding a church home
How to get the Drivers license?
What is SSN (Social Security Number)? How to apply for one?
How to get a credit card?
Getting accustomed to American way of living
Money saving guide
Meaning of some commonly used American slangs
American holidays - how is it observed?
Staying connected
~ the list goes on...
Since you are just off the boat, let me cut you some slack and wind up for now.

Once again my hearty welcome to you and your family to America the Beautiful! Take a deep breath! Everything will be alright!!

P.S: 'Just off the boat' is a slang used to denote 'people who just landed in America'; 'Cut you some slack' refers to 'Giving you a chance'

Your Friend,


A said...


I don't completely agree with your statement that everybody is 'equal' here in the USA. They are almost there yet but chances are good.

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