Nov 20, 2009

The Me I see is the Me I will Be

Dear All: Thank you for stopping by! I am all excited as this has been my long time desire to be a blogger and now I am!!

Let me first introduce myself. I am Me and I love being Me. I especially love my name Hephzibah as it means "God's Delight" in Hebrew. I mostly feel that way. I recently came across a saying, "Jesus Loves You; But I am His Favorite". This fits my fancy perfectly...

I love to write and have written few articles in my journal since childhood; though hardly a few eyes have seen it. I love to write letters to friends/family when they least expect it - to cheer them up. I love to read too.

I love the rain, the sun, the stars, the sea, the trees, the butterflies, the doves, the snow, the lillies, most people, all friends, some movies, My God, my Machan, my children, need I say more?! I honestly love the life God has blessed me with. It is beautiful, it is mesmerizing, it is fantastic.... I am an optimist - try to be.

I love the fresh air, the quietness, the colorful birds & the scenic beauty of our back yard. I love lying in our deck looking at the bare summer skies and counting the stars as they come by...

I love the moon when it appears so close that it feels you might stretch your arm and touch it in an instant.

I love the night lights as you drive down a mountain, the chimney smoke as you drive early mornings.

I love the two swans in Lake Denmark and the gentle noice of running water.

I love the thundering Niagara - especially watching it from the huge hot air balloon.

I love chestnuts, persimons, green dates and jack fruits.

Above all I love the feeling God loves me and I am His Delight! I do not waver my thoughts on other possibilities. I believe truly that the Me I see is the Me I will Be...

Thanks for your time to look at Me.


mrinal said...

Hey Hephzi,
very beautiful, glad to read, keep writing, and you didnt mention the 'Fresh Dates' you like and the 'Kutt Paratha'(which you use to request me,Veer get this when you visit to Canada)...keep smiling, you are a great individual....and dont forget to add your Celgene collegues in your new blogs further...:-)

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Dear Queen, this is wonderful. I feel only an optimist could enjoy the beauty of the nature. I love you being you. Looking forward to your future blogs.

Mano said...

Very relaxing to read Queen. May read it again and again, as often as I need refreshing and relaxing my self. Keepup the good work of blogging. Will be loking forward for more blogs to read.

Mano aunty

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary said...

It is very good The me I see the Me I will be
and it is true. Sometimes I experienced in our life. Good writing Hepzhiba. Hope u remember me.

Santanu said...

Hi Hephzi, thank you for starting your blog. You write beautifully... your words evoke nemories and create pictures in my mind.

Paul said...

beloved queenma

congratulations and blessings for your blog.

good start!!

hope to read more about your pets and friends;

your ancestors and your children; your

childhood and adulthood:your hopes and dreams.

may our Lord God bless you.


VinoliaC said...

Hi Hephzibah,
Great blog.Didn't know that you could write so well. I could see all of God's wonderful handy works thru your eyes.It truly is beautiful. Keep writing and show us more of the You You are!!! Looking forward to more of your blogs.


jacinth said...

Dear Queen Acca,
The thoughts are so fresh as breeze. Let is it breeze again!!!

Yesudason Paulraj said...

Appreciable drafting! May Our God Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you and bless you to write more !!

Dont stop with the first blog :) Most folks including me do that mistake:(

Reenu said...

Dear QueenAkka,

Your Thoughts are not only fresh but refreshed me too.
Even though we know each other for years, Your Blog revealed the meaning of "Hephzibah".
Keep sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Today is my day off so thought of going through your blogs...quite refreshing and thought provoking...I can never write like this queen...yup..i think i stopped blogging with my first blog

Keep on writing..May God bless u all...

with love sakha

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