May 30, 2012


How's everyone doing? (scratch...)
It has been a while since I wrote anything. (scratch!)
In Grandma's house... (scratch that too!)

 As you can clearly see I haven't been able to write much lately. I'll safely blame it all on my blackberry! For some reason blogger won't let me compose a new post from my blackberry which is a huge disadvantage as that is my only option for reading or writing blogs - during my commute. Sigh!

However today I've thought of a work around - to type it in as email to myself which I can later post from home. So here I am - finally! Now if I overdo it and the post gets too long, please bear with me.

I was a few minutes late leaving work and now the only spot I could get on the bus is in the very last row squeezed between four gigantic men, two on either side! The bus has just started moving and I greatly regret taking this seat already. :( With the cell phones banned inside the bus, as my only solace I have turned to you - typing away to glory!

Tell me what's news at your end? Did you all see the Super Moon? I missed it but thankfully Kavita had shared it on FB.

Speaking of FB, it is nice to have connected to so many of my blog friends in the recent months. I went wild and accepted a few unknown "friends" as well but had to quickly un-friend a few who were constant pests. Speaking of which, I was so troubled by a pest by work - a casual encounter - who lately has become somewhat of a nuisance that I am taking slightly longer route to avoid contact.

Israel is of great moral support putting aside everything just to talk to me, between "me leaving the elevator" to "me boarding the train"! I have come to truly enjoy these "I-am-not-too-busy-for-you" kind of conversations that I sometime purposely prolong it walking at a snail's pace. Now, that explains how I ended up on the very last spot on the bus!

So, what's happening at your end?

In case you missed it:
@A is back with such vigor that he has written 2 posts in 3 days!
Rachna has taken after Afghanistan :)
Irfan is back blogging - from his new home!
Anil is by the sea.
Bikram is having sleepless nights.
R. Ramesh suggests we take the bull by it's horn
Petty Witter would like to know if there is a fictional character we can identify with
Balan has become very poetic lately.
Gigi is off to a new adventure to lose some weight.
Jyothi is hanging in there...
KP & Eye in the Sky are non-stop rolling!

Phew! Now if you'll excuse me (I know you will gladly) I'll stop here in a rush. I need both my hands to cover my nose as one of the four suddenly decided to pollute the air!

(We might as well scratch off the whole thing and try again sometime later...; what say?)


Punam said...

Good to see u struggle to write in spite of all odds.. :)

Anonymous said...

good that you finally come put with a post.. I was waiting for your make-up adventure post..

KParthasarathi said...

The great news is that you have come up with an amusing post after an interval.
Now that you have found a way out type the drafts while commuting, we can expect a regular flow.
The last line left me rolling in laughter.You are incorrigibly witty

Bikramjit said...

well you know all that has been happening , I finally did go to sleep :)

You take care of yourself ..
and open the windowwwwwwwwwwwww let some fresh air come in :)


anilkurup said...

I cannot understand how you folks manage to type long posts on the Blackberry. amazing! I cannot . Even a text msg is difficult. But I see my daughter doing it with eyes closed.

By the way,thank goodness you stopped at mentioning, "anil is by the sea", and not "anil is at sea" ha ha!!!! thanks for noting.

eye in the sky said...

You are funny, it's sometimes hard to sympathize with your worries because you write them like they're flashes of images in a sitcom. They are amusing - even the "pests".

I can hardly write down my posts when I am far away from a desk so your having to write them while on a bus is amazing. It's talent. Thanks for the mention. You are on a roll. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! Someone polluted the air? How dare he! Lol. I can't believe you write a post on the bus. It's hard enough doing it at home, at least for me.

Irfanuddin said...

well...a post while travelling...not that easy i suppose...:))

interesting read....

Anonymous said...

:) Have fun writing while commuting. :)

I have a feeling that mobiles shops are running at a loss now. I think everybody in the world already has one and sometimes maybe even two! :D

Keep them coming. :)

sm said...

interesting post

Rachna said...

hehe that was fun! ok, enough scratching ;-). I am now after doctors and their bad practices. Also kids schools have reopened. That feeling is sure great :).

NRIGirl said...

Nice to hear from you all and Anil's comment had me laughing.

Very glad to see @sm after a long time.

@Goingbeyondpages, so sorry for the disappointment. I actually posted a comment on my post. It was a wonderful event and even bought some. Will share it in a post shortly.

Happy June to all my friends! Enjoy!

sakha said...

Lol..glad that used that time to blog...

Wish there is a gadget to convert thoughts to words, then it will be easier to blog...

....Petty Witter said...

Lots of people seem to be having this difficulty with the 'blueberry' as I mistakenly called it.

Anyway, good to hear from you. Have a great weekend. x

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