Feb 25, 2012

Where were we?

So, where were we? I remember; looking at the chimney smoke in Grandma's house! Seems like just yesterday, but years and decades have passed by since then and from there.

Like a giant machinery picking up pace with each passing moment, time just rolls on and on and on; hardly allowing us to pause for some fresh air, to soak in the sun, to savor the moments, or to stand and stare... who even has the time to think of the life long sped by? Time to move on I guess...

Speaking of time, don't we all wish for few extra hours or minutes certain days - especially when we are working on a dead line? Well, our wish has been granted! Come Wednesday we will linger on a little while longer in February 2012! In fact we are getting a full 24 hours day! Yahoooo! I need to plan out something special for that day - like sitting down to actually enjoy a steaming mug of coffee or something... Let's see if that wish gets granted.

Almost forgot! Have you met Eye in the Sky? He is from Manila, Philippines who quotes: "I've worked to acquire a career that allows me to maintain, improve or heal what we know as life; and life has allowed me to roam and occasionally forget what I do for a living." He writes such fascinating posts about his travel that you will get addicted to it easily. Check him out if travel is your fancy; you will not be disappointed.

It has been very quite in my blog world lately. Many of my favorite bloggers haven't posted in a while; even those who post, seem to lack the energy or enthusiasm they offer otherwise. I am not my usual bubbly self either. Every sentence I wish to write, something blocks me. Every idea that develops in my mind is soon scratched off. Hope we can all recover from this "spell" soon and share some sunshine.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Look forward to hear from you all soon.

~ NRIGirl


KParthasarathi said...

This post of yours doesn't show any impeding blocks.Keep writing.We enjoy what ever you say in your racy style.Thanks for the Filipna blog.I saw lots of beautiful scenic spots.
Enjoy the weekend and the extra day in sipping your favourite ocffee.

anilkurup said...

This seems to be an endemic problem. The other day Insignia , ( B) posted about a similar crisis.

We all do at times. It is the matter of mind over body.
Have a different week end somewhere in the open , and things will fall in place by Monday,.

eye in the sky said...

Thank you very much for your generous words. I am flattered since it's coming from someone whose blog posts seem like part of an on-going novel about life.

I sincerely like the way you vividly describe your subjects. Unlike mine, you hardly need pictures to make your narrative colorful. I will keep reading (been waiting for your new post for days). :)

eye in the sky said...

@ KParthasarathi:

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, but wish you would post more often, as I check on it every blessed day!!! Cheers!

kavita said...

Thanks for mentioning Eye in the sky ,would check it soon.Happy Sunday !

R.Ramakrishnan said...

We all have our off days days don't we? Looks like you have already overcome this brief crisis. Yes "Eye in the Sky" is a splendid travel blog which I have been regularly reading for the past few months.
Have a great week end

Rachna said...

Hope your weekend went well. We all have our off days, don't we?

Bikramjit said...

Thank you for introducing another blogger. Will visit.

Hope you have had a great weekend

Take care and See you soon and hopefully what i put may not be as dull :)


....Petty Witter said...

Here's to being our bubbly selves.

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