Feb 6, 2012

Up close with the nose

This is a repost from Feb 2011.
Have you ever found the nose to be the center of attraction during a conversation? It happens to me quite often though not as much as it used to when I was a kid.

Amidst a nice interesting conversation suddenly I get deviated towards the nose - how it looks, how it flares with the emotions, what the conversation really does to ones nose, face minus the nose, face with the nose, bigger, smaller, what-ifs,  and other funny thoughts tickle me...

As I said this habit is very much on the decline now and I thought it necessary to capture it before I lose the 'art' completely; hence this post.

Not sure when or how it all started but I notice the person's nose, next to their fingers. Just like fingers can never lie about one's personality, nose can never lie about one's emotions. People say all those nice things about the eyes, but in fact it is the nose that makes the eyes look pretty as it kind of balances both eyes, so the credit should go to the nose. Imagine if we had not the nose, where else we would hoist the glasses?

Mom's nose turns red when she cries or gets angry. Rachel's nose has droplets of sweat since she was a baby and we guessed she would be short tempered; hasn't been true! Joshua's nose definitely smiles with his eyes, Sharon's nose is turned up when she is mad at mommy and mommy's nose is neutral except when she gets upset, then it flares up with her voice... (happened to catch myself on the mirror once or twice when this happened); Daddy's nose up close makes you wonder why it is so huge!

It feels so uneasy if something is on someones nose when you are talking to them. You very much want to tell him/her, but can't quite, and finally you do, and they excuse themselves and there aren't many awkward moments like that. We won't really feel the same if something was on their ear or lip or chin; why is that have you wondered?

Some when they laugh their nose too rolls with them - making a funny sound which only ignites more laughter, have you noticed? And some when they blow their nose it sounds like air horn of some kind startling sleeping babies and their pets alike, have you seen that? And those that try hard to sneeze and it goes so mild and weak and they try again with hands raised, rooms cleared only to get a faint feeble sneeze, then there are some like my Grandma who mostly kiss with their nose sniffing at you... Some noses can sing too, have you heard? How about the snoring noses that hiss or hush or thunder like motor bikes?

Do you think I am being 'nosy'? Is there anyone out there who shares in the same curiosity on noses as me?!


Punam said...

Ha ha.. not me, Hephzibah!! But this was a funny post though. And yeah, my nose is the culprit that usually reveals that I am crying.. and as everyone around me knows by now, I cry a LOT. :P

Anonymous said...

You must have a nose fetish. Lol. No, I never analyze someone's nose when he/she speaks to me. I tend to look at lips, instead.

Rachna said...

hehe good observations. I notice the person's eyes and lips mostly. Noses are interesting too. I think each feature has a certain charm, even the moles :)>

Bikramjit said...

right now tonight when i go for my shift I will make sure i keep a check on the NOSE of whoever i talk to :)

maybe then i will let you know if i find something he he he.
as long as they dont ask me why i am looking at their nose for


....Petty Witter said...

How observant of you. if there was one thing I'd change about my appearance it would be my nose.

anilkurup said...

Ha , that is quite an observant person. Well the fact about snoring nose is they do not exist. It is the cavity below that breathes and we call snore.
I'm in that group and Medical science passionately calls it obstructive sleep apnoea.

leave my poor nose to itself!

KParthasarathi said...

Funny post.Thank God you left out the running nose.It seems that nose and ears keep growing till the end and that is why elderly people seem to have bigger noses for their non growing faces

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