Jan 28, 2012

New York so far

I know I know I know, some of you are bored of my New York ramblings; but then there are those who say bring it on, so please bear with me...

You haven't seen New York if you haven't ridden (now,is that the right verb? I need to check!) the Subway. It has a whole lot to offer. First it feels kind of suffocating to know you are underground, but soon you tend to forget that, taking in the scenes around, of people, people and more people.

Subway entertainers always excite me. Yes, entertainers they are; they don't beg, they entertain. Be it the woman recovering from "XY&Z" or the blind man with the best singing voice ever, they would make you pause for a minute and think - about yourself, about these people, or of similar incidents elsewhere...

Then there are those who make music with just one piece of instrument which fills the whole place with such melody. Of course my favorite is the man singing worship songs every morning in the tunnel walkway between Port Authority and Time Square. There is no music, no choir, just him - singing and worshipping the Lord as New York wakes up. How beautiful! It sets you in the mood for the rest of the day.

My fondest wish these days is to get to meet these people up close and share on my blog. But how should I approach? "Hi! Can I write about you on my blog?" No; that sounds awkward, a little invading. Let them live their life in peace while we move on... Oh! if you can spare some change please do; it would make neither of you rich but would make both happy.

Okay folks, hope you are all doing well, holding up on your resolutions for 2012. Good. I am too. 28 days have passed without any shopping expeditions. Not even one! Not that I am cautiously avoiding it. It's just that I haven't had the time. Today I did; but decided to chat with you instead, which feels good, much better than shopping; trust me!

Take care friends! You are constantly in my thoughts. Anything I see around I want to share with you; anything I hear about I want to tell you; anything that goes on in my life I wish to write about. But then I believe life at your end is as cherishing, people as interesting and scenes as compelling if not better, so I spare you some details.

Let's keep our eyes and ears open to take in the beauty of life around us; and more importantly our hearts!

P.S: Check! 'Ridden' is the right verb to use. For all other possible tenses for the verb ride, check out the About.com page here. It's quite interesting how many they have thought of on that...


KParthasarathi said...

It made me happy to read your post early in the morning.I loved this line of yours " if you can spare some change please do; it would make neither of you rich but would make both happy."It has deep import.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely written. I have been reading the memoirs of Harry Bernstein, an immigrant from England during the early 1900s. One chapter dealt with his grandfather, who made his living by singing in the subway stations of Chicago. He pretended to be blind and wore shabby clothes and long, dirty hair. This was back in the 1920s when passersby were generous with their coins. And that's how he supported his wife and children!

Bikramjit said...

who said we are bored of reading ur notes :)

I loved reading all notes.. I did not make any resolutions so no chance of breaking.. safe and sound ..

You take care :)


Musings said...

Yes Verb- Rode, ride, ridden. It is correct usage.

By the way I do not see invasion of privacy if you are inspired by a real life incident, a story and adapt it. If the protagonist has to be cloistered and not revealed well do it so.

R. Ramesh said...

beautiful post..made us bloggers all feel more closer..thanks buddy

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