Sep 14, 2011

Great Blogger & Story Teller - KParthasarathy!

I always admire people who can write fiction. How is it that they can imagine a personality, set the scene, bring about a dialogue, and finally affect your emotions one way or another?!

To reiterate something that happened doesn't require great skills; but to make up a story from nothing surely requires a lot. For the very same reason I admire KParthasarathy.

If you have ever visited Random Thoughts or மனதில் தோன்றியது or Reflections then you have met KParthasarathy already! You would agree he is a great blogger with great stories to tell.

KP hails from Chennai but visits his daughter in the US. He has helped me connect with a lot of great bloggers out there - Deeps, Chitra and Dr. Saravanan to name a few.

KP's 55 words stories are my favorites in his Random Thoughts. His Tamil stories are also very popular among readers. He sets the stage and takes you to the scene where the story unwraps right in front of your own eyes. His Reflections are thought provoking inspirations which helps look at things from different perspective; teaching a lesson or two on the way.

If  I were to pick one post out of his three blogs that I like the best I would say it is: Learn to cultivate your own garden. There is clearly a 'Before' and 'After' me, after reading this post. 

KP is special in the sense that he is the only blog world friend I have ever spoken to - over the phone! He has been a great friend frequently sharing inspiring emails, interesting tidbits and why not recently some mouth watering recipes too. These little gestures I truly appreciate.

Check him out yourself when you have a moment; I am sure you will not be disappointed!


A said...

Thanks for introducing him. Someone told me he is from NC and I left a note for him in his post but never heard back. I would love to be connected with bloggers who live in my area. I only know one so far.

NRIGirl said...

If I am not mistaken he is from New Hampshire...

Sandhya said...

I am visiting here via Partha Sir. I am already an admirer of the famous KP! Yes, his narration of the stories is admirable. He takes us to the situation with minute details.

Nice to know you, NRI girl!

Krishnapriya said...

I came here just like Sandhya.. from KP sirs blog.. what you said is exactly correct.. he is a great inspiration and helps with my writings too..!
Me and partha Sir share the same pen name KP!

A very good dedication NRIGirl..! and nice meeting u :)

kavita said...

Yes , i completely agree .

anilkurup said...

If the Blog is good , it is well that you write about them and promote. I have not been there yet, will do.

deeps said...

I am so happy to see K P sir’s name and read about him over here….and he deserves for sure.. such a prolific writer when it comes to writing stories…well, his blog speaks for him:)

adithyasaravana said...

well.. i've been visiting regularly, and i used to wonder, how he could weave such stories, the narrative, the plot, and the different themes. n about the twist at the end. many times if we could guess the twist , it appeared unsatisfying and i would've commented about that..
yeah. true, he shares many emails too..
i'm actually having a personal high reading about him here..
continue the good work NRI Girl..

Anonymous said...

you are so right .. I have read some stories and they are indeed so great. missed the last few written will go and read now ...



Good to know about him, will sure visit his place soon, thanks for sharing this post about him here....:)

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