Jul 7, 2011

Help me, help me, help me!

Please don't be alarmed from the title. It is from a little rhyme Mom used to sing when we were little... posted below:

In a cottage in a wood,
A little girl at the window stood,
Saw a rabbit running by,
Knocking at the door.

'Help me, help me, help me,' he said,
'Before the hunter shoots me dead!'
'Come little rabbit, come with me,
Oh how happy we shall be.'

For my predicament, though not similar, I decided to steal the words from the rabbit as that's how helpless I feel on this issue. Okay, okay I will start before you guys go wild with imagination on what it could be...

A dirty sink bothers me! That's the issue. You may say, 'well, that doesn't seem like an issue'. But the problem is, a dirty sink bothers me anywhere, not just in our home!

In any gathering be it in our house or at a friend's or at the church you name it, the minute I see a dirty sink, I will fold up my sleeves and get into action attacking it. When the work is done only then I can relax. But again in a few minutes when the sink gets filled with coffee mugs or whatever I spring into action all over again. This repeats itself almost the entire time; all the while missing out on relaxing conversations other guests enjoy.

I know this is not normal as no one else feels the same urge like I do, whether they play guest or host. It is only me who seem to have this problem. So, what is wrong with me?

By the way, this 'problem' of mine has brought me sincere heartfelt 'thank you's and even blessings from elders for which I am thankful for. Once in my Aunt's house as I was wrapping up an overflowing sink, my Grandma kissed me on my forehead and said, "God sees your humble heart and will bless you for that" and another time at a Church event a very old lady, grabbed my hands and said, "You did the hardest job cleaning all those dishes; your reward will be greater". I consider these blessings as my best rewards! But still I wonder if I should do something about this compelling urge and how I can possibly overcome it...

Please help me with your valuable suggestions as to how I can ignore a dirty sink, oh not in our home, but elsewhere. But then, if you believe it is normal, please say so...

Thank you,

~ Little rabbit; I mean NRIGirl :(


Tomz said...

clogged sinks always make me feel sick

kavita said...

OMG ! I used to suffer from this problem until i got severely effected by slip disc ..... no forward bending for me except for work at my clinic.My problem was not limited to only sinks but to tilted wall hangings,untidy book shelves, messy wardrobes too .I used to get similar phone calls ... kavita ,where is my yellow shawl or where is my white chicken kurti .Good old days !Sulk !

connecting with the soul said...

My issue isn't so much dirty sink , which does bother me, its running water in the sink while washing dishes. It drives me insane , on the verge of madness. I am so thankful God knows my quirks and still loves me in-spite of it.

baili said...

thank god it is not only me here,i got this problem from my mother and she from her's,

since i came in khairpur city after marriage i was looking for the person who has same disease,

it is natural feeling glad when you find someone like you,otherwise people around you makes you feel insane or realize that you are being over smart,thanks for sharing this dear ,believe me felt nice,

hugs and kises,
god bless

Bikramjit said...

Thats my Mother talking , OMG she is like that she will go to someones house and if its dirty will start to clean it and I am like OH MY GOD :)

the poem is beautiful..


NRIGirl said...

Wow! What a relief to find out there are other people like me!!

Thanks folks for opening up! It makes me feel a little better. May be we will look for a solution together. :)

adithyasaravana said...

my wife is an obsessively cleaning person.. and i am just opposite. my fav place is the bed.. and so.. you can just imagine how much of scoldings i get.. And I too am supposed to use minimal utensils..better way is to call her and hand over all coffee mugs..

went as examiner for undergraduates .. so was out of state for five days.. I came today and reading out all posts

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