Jul 1, 2011

Happy July

Wow! Hard to believe it is July already. Happy July to all! Thought I will share some updates from my end.

Children are okay, all the time watching TV or playing video games. Can't complain much as we are at work. However last weekend I took them out to the mall nearby and bought anything and everything their little hearts wished for. Rachel found a nice glass like shoes with some sequins on it while Sharon settled for some clipon earrings. It was a nice get away with Mom too and we enjoyed Chinese food from the food court. Overall it was a very relaxing day as we were not in a hurry to rush back home. Joshua had gone garden shopping with Dad. They ate out too and so no cooking and cleaning on Saturday.

Sunday after church we had the bridal shower. Oh, the bride looked lovely. It was such a joy meeting new friends and bonding with old friends. Had a good time overall. After the shower few friends stayed back and enjoyed Knight & Day while I totally relaxed with Auntie and Uncle (Bride's Mom & Dad) and my Mom in our deck enjoying the sunset and munching on snacks Mom brought from India and talking about family affairs from both ends. When the movie team came back they were like, 'where were you?' and I am like, 'having more fun than you guys'. We all had dinner together and dispersed to bed.

Tomorrow is the wedding. I am totally thrilled. We will be the first guest to arrive and last one to leave. In fact she has a lot of friends and family, but we wish to help around as much as possible. Children's clothes are all decided, but I am yet to pick mine. I know, too late in the game but what to do. Mom has brought me a few nice saree and so it shouldn't be hard I believe.

Oh! By the way, our indoor jasmin is blooming like anything. Atleast some 15-20 flowers are on it and the whole downstairs smells beautiful if you pay attention to it.

Hmmm... just scrolled up and noticed I have written a long post. So it is time to wind up I guess. Before I do, let me share a few things on July happenings here...

* Joshua & Mom will be celebrating their birthdays.
* Looking forward to the July 4th Fireworks in town
* Traveling to Colorado Springs by end of July

I guess that's about it. Please stay tuned for more posts this month. Take care!


A said...

Happy Birthday to Joshua and YL - in advance. Please do tell them. I have a busy summer so don't want to forget.

Enjoy summer with your mom. I see you have hands full right now :)))

Simply Speaking "A" Simple

adithyasaravana said...

yeah.. me too.. i tend to forget birthdays..so advance wishes.. i translated.. and still have to reply to queries..
and SHE.. special, wedded for the past 8 years.. and adithya's mom..when to introduce?? okie in my next post..( hope i write something really nice., without ridiculing.. but anyways i'll make her approve of whatever i write..)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF THEM.... and you could have posted the fotos of those blooming jasmin here....it must be looking lovely !!!

Anonymous said...

it was a lovely bridal shower.. pics of jasmine plz..

raji said...

quite a quick update .nice to know of the happenings around you.wish both your daughter and mom from my side.Have fun at the marraige.Even I am off to las vegas and grand canyon for the long weekend.take care.

baili said...

wonderful sharing dear,that is always great to have a day out with kids and watching them as cheerful,during the construction work i missed such session but now coming few days are free so we can also have the same picnic,

hmmmm,i can smell the fragrance,it is touching my soul dear,i just love flowers,

heartiest congrats to the new bride and best wishes for lovely coming life
hope you selected you beautiful saree for the event,
god bless and keep sharing

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