Jun 21, 2011

Why burst it before it's time?

! When the frog I had drawn looked so real to me, to Papa it appeared to be pregnant.
! My painted cow didn't appeal to him either as its head was not proportional to its body.
! When my kids try to put in all the details narrating their daily affairs, I am like, "Come to the point; I don't have all the time in the world to listen to the details".
! When I feel so beautiful in a new sari Israel goes with a frown, "Why now sari?"
! Just when I am out and admiring my new hair cut a friend shakes me up, "Did you cut your hair? Man it is too short!"
! And another time with a longer hair another friend frowns, "Oh my! Go for a hair cut! you look awful in it"

What these little snippets have in common are they are all "Bubble busters" though mostly unintentional.

We are all guilty of bursting someone's bubbles and we can all point to different people in our lives who have busted our bubbles different times. Some stay a permanent scar to the point it wets the corners of our eyes to think of that.

Sharon was about three years old when she was running around so happily and almost fell from the top of a bunk bed and I YELLED! She froze! Pop went her bubble. Even to this day (seven years later) she recalls it with the same sadness it caused her then and there.

There are couples who constantly burst each other's bubbles. What do they gain out of it, God only knows. "I told you so", "You deserve it" , "Why should I care" , "Shut up", "What's your problem" can all easily burst someone's bubbles.

Then there are those who must put down others to "get high". The best we can do is to avoid them lest we become one of them.

A bubble by default is short lived. Why burst it before it's time? Please let them soar as long as it lasts ...


kavita said...

Yeah ,i did it just few hours back.My daughter entered the kitchen smiling wearing my very heavy dupatta/chunni as a saree and loads of my new glossy lipstick.She was about to say something i yelled at her for using my stuff without permission.She was hurt and with tearful eyes told me - 'I Wanted To Surprise You.Do I Look Like You Now'.
You are right why burst the bubble before time.

KParthasarathi said...

Excellent,Hephzibah.Most of the time it is done unintentionally and thoughtlessly.Thanks for drawing my attention.

A said...


Interesting. Not sure if hair cut falls in the same category though. Most of the time I am not happy when I get hair cut so if people don't make fun of my new hair cut, I get worried.

Generally speaking I agree with you - let people be happy. And sometimes it is best to listen to whole story first and then react. I try a very conscious effort to let people talk, talk and talk....before I react.


nice post....

and yes we all do this time n again but most of the time its done unintentional, anyways i am going to be careful from now on....

Bikramjit said...

Jealousy is a big problem .. and Why not me etc etc ...

I find that a lot and I have felt it a lot when i came over to uk, i could see the views change .. But now its fine it doesnot bother me what people think of me, its their mentality.

I would not like ot stoop to there level, I walk away 99% of the time , but then there are times when you cant and when that happens I lash out and then its goes haywire ... :)

I dont look into anyones life so i dont expect anyone ot look into mine simple rule LIVE AND LET LIVE :)


tiyag said...

I am very much impressed .We all do it being human and that's how it works some times . we have to go to the next level for this to be noticed before it happens .

NRIGirl said...

Thanks all! Appreciate your comments.

Just had another thought which I wanted to add:

Compliments on the other hand can enhance a bubble. It is like one bubble merging with another... It seems to last longer and fly higher.

Shall we try?

Tomz said...

Yeah I have so many bubble buster friends, and I also enjoy bubble busting sometimes..

adithyasaravana said...

my wife and myself do to each other..

KParthasarathi said...

I have read this earlier but worth reading many times.I would even frame it and hang it prominently to remind me to be careful about bubble bursting.A gentle pat,a word of praise or an appreciative nod on all little things can do lots of magic to others.It costs little but gains much.Thank you again.

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