Jun 23, 2011


If you read NRIGirl regularly or if I read your blogs regularly, then this is for you. I have tried to build a Cross Word puzzle for you (as if I didn't puzzle you enough already...) Can you try and find you atleast if not try to solve all? No, I can't give you the clue also. You should find your own clue and your own you! Please double click to open full view...

Note: Spaces are given a blank space; but periods are not considered. So if you are "The Blogger" you will take 11 boxes counting the blank; however if you are "A.Blogger" your name will be given only 8 boxes, omiting the period.

Let's see how far you get at it. I promise to share the key with you on my next post!

1. Doctor Couple
3. Insists on anonymity
6. Home making Dentist wonders why
7. He speaks from Patna
12. Brings us interesting newsbits
13. A cop in London
15. I call her Mom
17. Editor in war against cucumber
19. Fleeting vanity
20. Long time no see

2. Brewed daily
4. Very handy
5. Painted house
8. Dentist in a room
9. Doctor with a heart
10. Looking for red slippers all over Europe
11. Has writer's block, not gardener's block...
14. Excels the art of story telling in more than one languages
16. Not a resident
18. Not so simple; excellent photographer.


YL said...

I can find almost all.

but how to fill in the answers?

A said...

@Good Evening YL.

Pleased to know about your trip to the USA. Greetings from NC. Have fun with grand children and with bloggers too. :)))


I am 18. A Simple Blogger

I can figure out most of them :))) But I am 'angry' with you...you put me at the end of the list. HAHA :)))

NRIGirl said...

You are right @A! Also, right to be angry I guess - not with me but with the software that helped me create the puzzle in the first place :)

YL said...

Thanks 'A' for your welcoming note.

Read your post on NC sea shore feastival.

Thanks for the information about the traditional


A said...


North Carolina is much more prettier than NJ. If you get some time, plan to visit. A different experience.


Please don't blame software now..:)))

Amy and Arpit Mathew said...

Hey NRIG! This was cool!! Found a few friends up there!! You really have some great ideas!! Thanks for being such a good friend.


once again a gr8 innovative post by you.....
and what abt the prizes for solving the puzzle...:))

NRIGirl said...

@A! Let me think of another excuse then.... think think think... blink blink blank... Okay you win! :)

@Amy & Arpit Mathew! Great to hear from you folks. Thanks for stopping by.

@Irfan! Good idea. Now that you brought it up, I think it is not a bad idea after all. What do you think would be a suitable prize? A featured blog post? A guest blog post? Something else? Please share ideas. We will implement it. Thank you!

Juxtaposition said...

i think i need to print this out! I found myself and a few more. I am waiting for the key to this. :) I love Puzzles. Keep them coming! :)

Rachna said...

A very nice puzzle and I think I could guess a few too. Will await your next post to see all the answers :)

mannbikram said...

I could only find a few .. Myself I think 13.. could be someone else too :) and offcoure 18 as mentioned and 19 too :) I know him .. and 2, 7, 9 ,3 ..

waiting for the key now :)


mannbikram said...

and found you toooo ..

L KRUPAA said...


deeps said...

that sounds cool :P

A said...

Please post the final result...........

Tomz said...

Hellooo NRI Girl..

This is such an awesome post..

I know I am there..No. 19..But in the puzzle, there is no space fr me?

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