Feb 26, 2010

It refreshes my soul!

Snow! It refreshes my soul.

"Though our sins are as scarlet (red),They will be as white as snow" - that's the verse from the Bible I am reminded of whenever I see snow. I feel so fresh and clean all over again...

For the last two days I am sitting by the window and watching the snow flakes fall by all around filling the roof-tops, the roads, the mail boxes, the shrubs, the trees, the fence and everything else you can see...  It is all white now and looks so beautiful that I imagine heaven to be as beautiful as snow! Is there anything whiter than snow you have come across?! Not me!

Snow is the whitest - the purest of all existing things I have seen under the sun... It brings such joy and reminds me of the generosity of God's love. It is done so effortlessly, so evenly and so beautifully... Snow showers without any partiality on the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the dark and the fair and everyone in between - just like the love of God... the love that surpasses all ups and downs in my life - the love that fills my inner being with sheer joy & delight - the love that reaches out to the deepest corners of my heart and wipes off the rarest tear drop - the abundant overflowing love of God!

It refreshes my soul! The Love of God!


A said...

Nice perspective. Written nicely.

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