Feb 26, 2010

Inviting all NRIGirls! RSVP by ASAP!

Dear NRIGirl: How have you been? Sorry, I got a little side tracked with different errands that it has been some time since I wrote to you last. Hope all is well with you and this finds you in the best of health and cheer as it leaves me here...

Have I told you the globe is my favorite curiosity? That's right! I even collect globes. Looking at the globe on my desk, I have been wondering lately about each one of you out there - across the whole wide world - in the mountains and valleys, in the plains and deserts, in the oceans and may be even in some caves: What are you like? What do you like? What makes you smile?

It really interests me that though we may be in huge numbers and oceans apart, we all have this unique name "NRIGirl". Won't it be fun for all of us - our whole gang - to get together and hang out for a day? Dads can watch the kids for one day - of course they can!

Let's go for a bike ride or trekking or fishing or something adventurous... or how about camping-out in our backyard or visit an ice-cream parlor or sit by the local brook wetting our feet in the water or paint a master piece of some kind, or climb the trees on the curbs, or roll over the beautiful grass, or let's just relax and do nothing - simply catching up with one another - getting to know each other?! Don't you love that?

Wow! I see a whole lot of you nodding and smiling already. That's a tremendous response. I am excited too! Just the thought - the bare idea is so exhilarating... Come now, let's go ahead and make it a reality...

Would  you like to suggest some fun ideas for our Girls-Day-Out? Would you like to say hello to your fellow NRIGirls? Would you like to share your story? Please feel free to post a comment or email me your share to hisrael@gmail.com I will post it as a follow up to this. Don't worry RIGirls (Resident Indian), come along - you are part of us too - no fun without you...

I would love to hear from each one of you - from every continent - from every country - from every NRIHomes, from every NRIGirl! Looking forward to your ideas.
Love you all. Take care!


RSVP:  Abbreviation of the French phrase: réspondez s'il vous plaît (respond if you please).
ASAP:  Abbreviation for 'as soon as possible'


Black Walnut Pearl said...

This really contradict with your responses to NRIGirls group. I started that group thinking all the above in mind and that you'll be of a great support. - Vanitha

NRIGirl said...

Appreciate your efforts Black Walnut Pearl. It is true I have always wanted to get out as just girls, but the current situations at home does not allow me to do that. Many factors have come into play since I wrote the post (Feb 26th) to now.

May be once we are back on track with our regular activities with kids, school, sports etc. I will be able to take a day off for girls-only-activities.

I know the last one you planned was cancelled Was there anything afterwards that I missed out on?! Haven't seen any Group mail lately...

At present if there is any family get together we will gladly join. Please keep me posted.

Once again sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

NRI Girl is your dream. If you don't get the purpose then there is no point in having such group. May be let's just drop it there.

A friend of mine has written a nice blog about how to handle the past. Read it when you get a chance. http://hephzibahisrael.blogspot.com/search/label/Garbage%20Collection

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