Dec 4, 2011

The "I" factor

"I" was probably one alphabet we couldn't relate to in our kindergarten class as it often stood for Ice or Igloo or Ink in our times which was all foreign at that age; Ice cream or even India would have been a better choice but not sure why it wasn't widely popular in our early education curriculum.

Interesting how the alphabet "I" took a whole new meaning following i-mac! There is a wide range of market these days for "I" ranging from i-mac, i-pod, i-phone, i-pad, i-touch, i-home, i-bone all the way to i-dog and beyond! I rather not talk much about these but move on...

Here in the US we identify highways with an 'I' in the front such as I-78, I-287 where 'I' stands for Interstate - a highway that connects two or more states. There is a general rule of thumb that the odd number interstates normally run North to South while the even numbers run East to West. Of course there are exceptions to this rule.

In Math too whenever you do a loop you count it from i=0 to 'n' where i stands for the iteration count and 'n' is the total number of iterations; if there are two or more loops you would use 'j' or 'k' reluctantly for the second or further loop; but note the first loop is almost always controlled by 'i'.

Of course you can't deny the importance of "I" in a wedding ceremony. After all, "I do" is what commits a man and woman to their wedding vows thus pronouncing them husband and wife.

Then there is the plain and simple I that stands for none other than the first person singular. This is the I causing much commotion everywhere we turn. All the fuss to keep this I happy and contented and yet one can only hope the magic would work. This I can be defined as a touch-me-not as it can easily be offended and would always defend itself.

Looking at the "I" up close I find it funny how I truly enjoy myself; laughing out loud over some of my own jokes, amusing over some of my own conversations, patting my back over some of my own writings and even loving the way the hair looks when I first roll off the bed! It is like the "I" is the second person the "Me" admires and applauds. Is this pride? I guess not; as the other symptoms include a lighter heart as opposed to a heavier head.

But then there are times this I is in total conflict with the Me like right now and goes ahead and hits the 'Publish' button even when Me thinks it is not worth it... A close up shot now would reveal the "I" grinning from ear to ear while the "Me" is all embarassed with the rosiest cheeks ever; poor thing!


kavita said...

I like it .I enjoyed it .

KParthasarathi said...

Hats off to you.It is wonderfully written.The latter part of the post brings out nicely the subtle difference between 'I' and 'me"
I wrote on this subject under the title "The tussle between two 'I's.If you have time,please read it.The link is

Rachna said...

Nice. This is the second alphabet post I've read today :).

Bikramjit said...

I loved the I, and especially the I, that I AM :) he he he he

good one


....Petty Witter said...

Who would have thought the letter 'I' was so interesting? What a great Idea (I dea ..... get it?) for a post, fascinating stuff.

A said...

Very very 'I'nteresting.........

Also some immigration forms are with - I94. I485

NRIGirl said...

Good one @A! It was in the back of my mind but somehow dismissed at irrelevant... Good catch!

Cjo said...


On a unrelated note:
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