Mar 16, 2011

Interview with an Anonymous Blogger

"Be Happy Always!" says our anonymous friend here. Conveniently she has picked her nick name as 'Always Happy'. Only during this getting-to-know interview series I "met" her. When I visited her space I could sense a lot of me in her and felt connected right away. She was little hesitant when I contacted her about this interview; I assured her readers would be excited to meet 'face-to-face' with an anonymous too.

From her profile picture to how she has described about her in the profile - to some of her posts - we have great similarity. Here's some proof:
Always Happy
Says: I am glad I am ME...
Says: I am Me and I love being Me...
Calls her dad: Papa
Calls her dad: Papa
Talks to her inner self: A Letter to my best companion Talks to her inner self: Mirror Mirror On the Wall
Talks to Mom: Thank you Amma Talks to Mom: Conversations: Between Me and my Mom
Shares her childhood beliefs:
Ae dil e Naadan
Shares her childhood beliefs: When I was a child

So here we go, let's hear from Always Happy as she shares her secrets for being happy always...
The quote here caught my attention as I was browsing through her posts:

"Sometimes I wish I had a time machine that could take me back to my childhood days especially when it comes to taking decisions, to be precise, when it comes to making the right choices. Back in those days I trusted completely my magic mantra IN PIN SAFETY PIN IN PIN OUT…. It always used to offer solutions when I used to be confused..."

?Can you tell us a little about yourself? Please include where you are from.
! I am a simple girl from South India currently living in the UK. I am easy to get along with and I like meeting new people and making new friends. People who know me well would describe me as bubbly, chirpy , eversmiling and Always Happy! I have a positive outlook for life and I believe in living life to its fullest while taking each day as it comes.

?How did you first get involved in blogging?
! I had been lurking around in the blog world since 2008 mainly following Recipe blogs. While looking for a particular recipe one day I stumbled across a personal blog and thus began reading personal blogs. In October 2010 I created my blog Dil ki Baat, Blog Ke Saath.

? What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
! I am very passionate about cooking and when I am not blogging most of the time I am cooking. I like trying new recipes. Other than that I am a big time movie buff and watch a lot of bollywood and hollywood movies. I also spend a lot of time watching old TV serials such as yes Minister, Mind your language, Friends, Yeh Jo hai Zindagi, Malgudi Days.

? How did you come up with the name for your blog?
! Dil ki Baat, Blog Ke Saath means using blog to convey the heartfelt messages. My primary purpose behind creating a blog was to convey my thoughts and expressions. I could not have come up with a title better than that for the type of things I write in my blog.

? What is your favorite post that you have written? What makes it special?
! Every single post in my blog is special to me. Generally I write about things that are happening in my life and about things around me. Someday in future when I look back at my posts, they will do nothing but bring a smile on my face. That is what makes them special. Apart from that, the blog posts have served to attract readers across the blogosphere who make my day with their vauable comments . My blog as well as all my blog friends are special to me for making my life different from what it was before I started blogging.

? Any regrets about any of your posts?
! None.

? Tell us a joke please.
! Well, it would have to be a joke about myself. An incident that my school friends remind me and have a laugh about everytime I see them. It was about my one and only dance performance in life. If there is one thing that I am very bad at then it is dancing. Yet, once I took part in a dance competition in my school . For me it was a big deal because I was trying my hands at something that I am just not good at. It was dancing to the tunes of a malayalam song depicting a peacock dancing in the rain. In the first sequence I was to enter the stage from the left side, complete a whole circular motion and come to the centre of the stage. Unfortunately, as I was taking the circular motion, the tape got stuck and the music stopped but the 8 year old silly peacock continued Singing and dancing much to the audiences' amusement!

? What can readers expect in your blog? What is it about?
! My blog is about simple things in life. I write about the incidents that have made me what I am today, the incidents that are a part of me currently and that will shape my future. I like to keep all my posts short like a snack pack with an appropriate picture to go along with each post for readers to sit back and enjoy.

? Is there anything else you want to share?
! Always Happy learnt to be happy always by looking beyond the imperfections , disappointments and sorrows in life. Life must move on despite all the ups and downs. So we might as well move on spreading smiles and joy and receiving them back from others around us.

? Now, if you have a question for me (NRIGirl) this is your chance to ask.
! If tomorrow, just for a day you were to be Always Happy what would you say to your readers?


Irfanuddin said...

hello AH,
in fact i was expecting this interview of urs here.... and was waiting eagerly bcoz i thought will be able to know at least something with whome i am communicating with.. but again here you are as always.... as "ALWAYS HAPPY"... any ways never mind..... :)

i enjoy reading your write ups, specially the FULTU BAKWAAS series and of course the recent Shayeris by you.... :D

Best Wishes,

baili said...

glad to meet you happy always ,and people like you who have positive energy and healthy attitude towards life are warmly welcome .going to check ur place dear .

Sunil Goswami said...

An excellent interview! The day I found her blog was like finding a treasure! Her posts are small and light, but always bring a smile to your face.
Now that I learn that you(NRI girl) are similar to her(AH), I am going to explore your blog as well. Great job!

Anonymous said...

really it was very nice to know about alz happy.i really love her blogs. keep going!!!!!!!! i loved ur interview series

Bikram said...

hey AH you here tooooooooo :) yooo hooo
excellent answers .. I have been visiting her blog and I can say that its lovely t ogo there , makes me smile every time
and the little chat we have on the comments ..
Excellent AH..
Excellent Blog she has ...
Glad to know you more AH :)


dr.antony said...

I blogfriended her recently. Happy name and have happy days.Will sure visit the blog

NRIGirl said...

Always Happy! To answer your question I need to really write a post. Coming up next... Stay tuned.

Always Happy said...

@NRI Girl: MAny Many thanks for publishing my interview. Oh, I must read all your posts that are similar to mine now. My God! amazing no?

@ Irfan: :) :) Thank you sooooooooo much friend. I am sorry, I disappointed you by not revealing my real name. But I can only say that my real name does not differ much in meaning from 'Always Happy'. Thank you once again for the kind words.

@Anu: Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot to me.

@Bikram: haanji, i am here tooooooooo. I came here following your interview. So thank uuuuuuuu. Thank you for the kind words. I have left a message for you on my blog (comment section). All i said was that I was telling a friend other day tht I like the tiny chats that I have with you via the comments.

@Dr Antony: thank you sir. It has been a pleasure to know you through your blog and interview couple of days ago.I am following your blog already .

@Hephzibah (do yo want me to call you NRI girl?): I cant wait to read that post then. :)

Always Happy said...

@ Baili: Nice to meet you. Thank you so very much. Welcome to my blog. hugs

@Sunil: Thank you so very much for your precious comment. It means a lot to me.

NRIGirl said...

Always Happy! Yes, to tell you the truth NRIGirl is my prefered name in the blog land.

Amrit said...

Very happy to meet 'Always Happy'...

Neeha said...

Its an interesting interview.

Always Happy said...

@NRIGirl: Ok, I shall call you NRIGirl henceforth. :)

@A: Hello, nice to meet you.

@Neeha: Thank you

Anjuli said...

What a great interview!! Now I'm introduced to a new blog- it sounds great and I want to go and check it out.

Thanks NRIGIRL (as always) for your great interview!!

Always Happy said...

Thank you Anjuli. You are most welcome to my page.

NRIGirl, I cant thank you enough.

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