Apr 28, 2022

Keeping busy

 Alright folks, it has been a long time since I wrote anything. 

After a long haul I am back to connect with you all. Life got busy you see. And I was overall happy. Didn't feel a need to connect with anyone as I had many with whom I connected in person. 

But the aloofness has returned. It feels like after all I do not have any true friends, except for two with whom I hardly get to connect. Hence I thought I will revert back to sharing online, to whoever wants to hear or to the emptiness out there. 

Did I say life has been busy? Yes, and very sadly I lost my beloved sister... I don't think I would ever fully recover from the shock and loss and grief. But I am keeping busy as otherwise I would go down a slippery slope from which it would be hard to crawl out for the rest of my life. 

I am keeping busy. Yes. Knowing you are all out there for me to confide in occasionally, I keep busy for now... 

To my blogger friends out there: If you are still around, from whichever corners of the world, please leave a message so I can check out your blogs as well. 


ashok said...

Glad to see you active again...

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anil P said...

One year on. Yet the loss will continue to be profound.

Sorry to learn of your loss. Time heals, yet it doesn't!

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