May 17, 2011

Sharon turns Ten!

"Do you have a name for the baby?", asked the doctors at the OR. "Aaron for boy and Sharon for girl!" was my response. They were amused and minutes later announced, "It is Sharon!"

Hard to believe it has been ten years since that day. Feels like a dream holding my tiny newborn in my hands and worrying at her feeble cry. While the baby next door was loud and clear, baby Sharon's cry was hard to hear. It sure made me worry. Turns out Sharon was perfectly normal and was just waiting to grow up just a little to start her tantrums! :))

Sharon was the sweetest baby ever with lots of drooling and heavy kicking of her tiny feet all the time. Our main concern was keeping Akka (Rachel) away from the new born as Akka didn't hesitate to poke the eyes and say, "baby!" "eyes!" etc. Rachel was hardly 17 months old at that time and was just beginning to learn words and might have thought Sharon was a new toy of some kind.

It was fun watching the babies grow up together. They were mostly dressed alike and soon Sharon caught up to Rachel in size. Many asked if they were twins and my response was, "Almost!". As much as we worried protecting baby from Akka soon we had to protect Akka from baby. As the baby grew up she claimed everything that belonged to Akka as her own and demanded everything Akka would be playing with. Her attention was constantly on Rachel and even before Rachel finished her sentences Sharon would say, "I want that too". She would have no clue what it was. If you ask her specifically what she was asking for, she would answer boldly, "Whatever she said she wants". She was fearless, adamant & a handful at times but at the same time very sweet and irresistible.

Eventually we had to train Rachel to fight for her rights, to put her foot down and to demand like Sharon did as we noticed Sharon was kind of dominating the scene while Rachel got muted in the background. But when Rachel finally started in the same route, we regretted it immediately as it was constant rivalry between the  two. It took a while for them to keep their hands and feet to themselves and to respect individual space.

They have come a long way since then and we all have grown up together. Joshua was an answer to the little girls' prayer for a baby boy. However he was raised by Mom in India so we missed most of his baby days. With our constantly changing consulting jobs and business ideas life got quite busy, couldn't afford vacations or sick days and the like, not much time to stand and stare, pause to smell the roses or linger long to kiss the babies.

In our hurried life we haven't been at our best with our children all the time. True we are becoming better parents each day but we have our regrets that we should have spent quality time with our babies then enjoying them more when they were little. It was wrong on our part to rush them through their baby days, rushing to bed, rushing to wake, rushing thru' bath, rushing thru' meals, rushing thru' fever, cough & cold, rushing out of bottles, rushing into solids, rushing in to potty training and it seemed like we were on the world's fastest express train that never stopped!!

But the babies did fine. They thrived with the little attention they got and blessed us much with love beyond measures. They are the best kids in the whole wide world I would say. I can relax and enjoy them more now that the diaper days are long gone and our career has stabilized by God’s grace. It is such a joy seeing them tease and laugh and have a merry time among themselves. They love each other's company over anybody else and there is never a dull moment at home.

So, coming back to Sharon, she has been my darling little girl in whom I see a lot of "Me". Each and every aspect of her reminds me of "Me". I get to live the "Me" all over again thru' her. Sometimes when I can predict her, she asks, "How did you know that?" I simply say, "Mommies know all!"

Today as our little Sharon turns ten I wish her a Very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! May God bless her very very much!

Sharon blogs too and loves to receive comments. Please check her out at: Sharon Shares! if you have a minute to spare. Thank you!


Anonymous said...


yes Queen, ..she is you, even in looks... A touching writeup shared the thoughts of most of us... always rushing the kids and then realizing what we missed...

Bikram said...

MANY MANY happy retuns of the day to Sharon.. GOD Bless her.. and she look to be a lovely girl..

Time flies ...

Happy birthday to her again ..


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Sharon,
Happy birthday to youuuuuuu.

Happy birthday to a very special young lady, I hope you have a wonderful day. PW.

PS Did I forget to wish you a happy birthday?

I thought so. Happy birthday.

Amrit said...


Happy Birthday day Ms. Sharon))))

Turing 10 means entering a new ear of double are going to stay in double digits for a another 89 get used it :))))

Make sure you get the present you want. I get the feeling you are the sweetest person on the earth.

BRR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BRR said...

Happy Birthday Sharon. We wish you many more birthday like this.

Ramesh and Parvathi

Jacinth said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon!
-Jacinth Chithie

KParthasarathi said...

I have left a comment in Sharon's blog greeting her on her birthday.
What struck me with this post is your fluent and crisp writing style.You are a talented writer.

Mary said...

Many More happy returns of the day to Sharon.
May God Bless You today and rest of the days to come.

Unknown said...

happy bday Rachel !!! have a grt bday blast !!!!!!!
God bless !!! loving anna

Anonymous said...

happy birthday sharon,
enna azhakayiricku, en kannu pattidumpoliricku,

en thankam, rashaathy, sharon pappa unacku tharathukku enkatte entha vazhtukkal matrum tha erukku, eniyum nooruvarsham enthamathiri puranthanaal celibrate pannanam ,

happy birthday happy birthday,happy birthday sharoon,

rachelkka, entha mathiri oru post matrum pothaatrhu,treate sheyyanam, kooppittu paaru, kandippa vandhidumllai, enke anaalum thedy pidichu vandhiduvom, akka unka puranthanaal eppo?

apparam joshua-kkitteyum mamakkitteyum kettunnu shollu enna!
rasichu padichom, ronba thanx

Unknown said...

hey sharon,
many more happy returns of the day honey...
may our lord almighty shower u with all his blessings..
i would like to give u a promising verse,its
1chronicles 4:10.much of love akka Prayline...

NRIGirl said...

Dear dear Prayline! You are not Akka - you are Chithie - to Sharon :))

Thank you for your wishes everyone! Appreciate it much. I am sure Sharon will be thrilled.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Dear Sharon,

Many, many more happy returns of the day. I hope you are having a great day today. You look lovely in that picture. Take care!


dr.antony said...

Happy Birthday,Sharon.God has blessed you with a perfect mother.Grow up,with all the blessings.

Paul said...

happy birthday

NRIGirl said...

Hey! Thanks so much to all for your beautiful words. It sure made the day. Sharon was very happy and very bubbly all day long. But for whatever reason her response is delayed...

Hopefully she will pick up her pace and share a word sometime today...

Thanks again for being my friends to whom I can turn to on a day like this, with a request like this. :) Love you all very much!

Yours truly,
~ Hephzibah

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