Apr 13, 2011

Yet another tag along...

True! Tagging was intended to be posted on the "tagged"'s own blog; but Amma and now Black Walnut Pearl wished me to post their tags on NRIGirl. Of course, who can resist free content?! So, here we go as Vanitha of Black Walnut Pearl tags along...

1 If you could go back in time to relive one moment, what would it be?
The summer vacation days I spent in my Grand parents home in Trichy.

2 If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
Have no regrets.

3 What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?
I  have heard from many friends that I look like Nadhiya;) What I think would again be a question as I'd like to be as unique as every other personalities.

4 What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?
I would like to be the character of 'Vanitha' in the movie 'Life'. BTW, I also like the character of 'Jennifer Lopez' in the movie 'Enough'.

5 If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
No one.

6 Name one habit you want to change in your self.
Sometimes being intense.

7 Describe yourself in one word.
"Vie" - my new name by Raj which means "Life" in French;)

8 Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.

9 Why do you Blog? Answer in one sentence.
To pen the feelings that run deep inside me. Click here to check it out...

10 Name at least 3 bloggers to send this Meme to then inform them.

* Ani of Between me and my little girlie by Ani
* SG of Shoot the Breeze by SG
* AS of Just Another Blog by AS


NRIGirl said...

Thank you Vanitha and Amma for your tag alongs. It is quite interesting to know more about people whom I thought I had known in and out :)

V! When I watched Abiyum Naanum I thought Trisha resembled your personality so much. May be the smile. Of course, yours is better :))

baili said...

lovely dear,

movies like enough are my favorite too,

your writes reminds me my mom so much .god bless

Bikram said...

:) more tags :) excellent


Y L said...

Thanks Pearl, for obliging.
My best wishes to Raj and you.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for some great tags, I especially enjoyed your mom's contribution.

Irfanuddin said...

Good to see that series of Tag is going on here....:)

Y L said...

Thank you Petty Witter.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Thank you NRIGirl for the space and posting here. Yes, I remember that you and my aunt saying that to me:))

It's my pleasure Amma.

Baili, Thank you for the comment. Convey my special regards to your mom as she is more like me;)

Thanks everyone!!

Amrit said...


No offence. That was quick name change to Vie...:))) My wife did not even change her last name.

AS said...

Just saw this after a long time, i guess i broke the series of tag :(

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