Dec 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jyothi

Happy Birthday Jyothi!

Got introduced to your blogs through @A! Here's joining him in wishing you a wonderful birthday and many happy returns. May your fondest wishes come true this year. May you find much love and joy in the fellowship of your friends and family. Wishing you sunshine & good cheer!

On your birthday as my gift, I have subscribed to your blogs as a "Follower"! I know no greater gift to a blogger than new followers and yes of course a link to your blog.

I will be checking back shortly to visit your latest posts at "Life Does Have a Meaning"

Enjoy your day!

~ NRIGirl

P.S: It was @A's idea to surprise Jyothi with as much wishes as possible on her birthday. Please feel free to check him out at "Simply Speaking by "A" Simple Blogger"


Neeha said...

Its nic of you to post here..
N yeah dats a great gift:P
Have a great weekend..

Anonymous said...

Thank you NRI girl for the wishes and the gift. You have a great blog here! I following u too. :) Thank you for making the day special for me.

NRIGirl said...

Appreciate your comment @Neeha! Welcome to NRIGirl blog. Hope you will visit often.

NRIGirl said...

Nice to hear from you Jyothi! Glad to add more cheer to your day. Thank you for following...

~ NRIGirl

dr.antony said...

That was a good gesture.As usual,you always come up with totally different was a good idea to follow her.It is a good blogging gift!

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