Nov 12, 2010

To @SG

(Kindly excuse the gaudy background - a color of FALL - Please click on the image to view bigger)


SG said...

Thanks for the nice handwritten mail. I will send you my address via email. I want to receive it in the mail and keep with me as a treasure.

I am hesitating to write because I know I have the worst handwriting in the whole world. Only my secretary knows how to read my handwritten notes. Still, I will get courageous and write to you one of these days.

raji said...

Hey Sg ,even i have very bad writing,iam with you..go ahead write it.And must say ,that was a nice letter.@NRI wish you all the best on your mission of 50! how many have you covered till date?

Y L said...

your hand writing on this color paper is not very clear.
very glad to know that the children are occupied with games during the week ends and you are also interested in these games.
may your desire to visit all the states of US be fulfilled.
Plan to visit the states of India too

Anonymous said...

@NRI Girl...

Nice letter. Pray that your dream to visit all 50 states comes true. Plan in advance and I am sure God will fulfill your dream...


Handwriting is an issue for all of us SG. May be you will be surprised to find that all of us can read your letter...sometimes we depreciate ourselves... especially Indians.

NRIGirl said...

My aplologies on the pen used. I should have used a fine marker pen for this kind of color. May be next time.

Thank you all for your wishes for our Fifty States Agenda.

@Raji, to answer your question we have covered only 8 States so far.

Amma, let's see about visiting Indian states. We will do our best - with you of course.

sm said...

not able to read the letter clearly
will try again

NRIGirl said...

@SM please double click on the image to open it in a new browser by itself.

Then again click once on the image, you will see the original size.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Next time I will be careful to use a proper pen that scans legibly.

Hope all is well.

~ NRIGirl

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