Jul 12, 2010


Thank you SG  for tagging me... Here's my attempt on your interview...

TV shows/News Channels I like to watch:
* O'Reilly Factor
* Discovery channel
* HD Home Makeover

Favorite places to eat and dine:
* Any Thai Place
* Penang (Malaysian)
* Red Lobster

Things I Look Forward To:
* Childrens return from India
* Visit to India next month
* Knight & Day DVD

Things That Happened Yesterday:
* Wrote a poem "Days gone by..." for my blog
* Took a nice loo..ng nap (4 hours to be exact!)
* Made banana paniyaram

Things I love about Winter:
* Snow
* Christmas lights
* Chestnuts & Hot chocolate

Things on my Wish-list
* Akka to visit US
* Disney Cruise
* Lose 20 lbs

Things I am Passionate about
* My husband and children
* Keeping our house clean and tidy
* Spending time with friends & family

Words/Phrases I often use
* Oh! Lord!
* Mone (That's how I call Israel, which means 'son' ...)
* Love you (husband & children)

Things I learnt from the past
* All things happen for good for those who love the Lord
* Baggage Claim
* Garbage Collection

Places I would like to go/visit
* Israel
* Australia
* All Fifty United States of America.

Thing(s) I currently need/want.....
* Green Date fruits... (Those in CA, let me know if you sight it)

Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
* A


SG said...

Nice one. Now we know a little more about you. Great minds think alike. We both love Penang.

NRIGirl said...

Right, SG! I thought about the same thing too...


Amrit said...

Give me few days. I have been tagged by another blogger. I will see if I can address both.

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