Apr 9, 2010

To Blog Or Not To Blog -That Is The Question

Note: This is a repost for the friends and family members who have expressed interest to write a blog. By all means, go for it!

Here's to folks who are wondering if they should blog or not! I know this is nothing compared to some of the life's decisions one needs to make. Sharing my two cents:

I love my blog! I am thrilled to be a blogger. Blogging gives me a sense of belonging in the cyber space. Blogging gives me the same satisfaction I might have got from writing a book. May be even better than a book as it is a living document -  I can blog about anything, anytime, anywhere as life unfolds... It is so liberating. It feels like I am breathing fresh sweet air. And it is FREE!

If you want to experience the same joy of blogging, you may visit http://www.blogger.com/ to sign up and create a blog in few easy steps. It will be made public instantly!

Here's a tutorial with detailed instructions to start your own blog in minutes: How to Start a Free Blog at Blogger.com

Happy blogging! Care to share your link?


Y L said...

Thanks for the links.

I would like to write a few Bible


Let us see how it works out.

A said...

I cannot type a long message. In short keep blogging. You are good at it.

Rattanji said...

I have written 59 articles in www.ehow.com. which have been visited 200,000 times. I have started my blog in blogger.com on 25th. But do not know how to attract visitors to my blog. Perhaps this article may help me. Thanks.

Renu said...

To me blog is so many things and a way of spreading my thoughts.

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